10 Tips and tricks for beginners in Fortnite

Fortnite For Beginners

Fortnite has taken the world by storm, quickly rising to the world's most popular game of all time. With its beautiful art work and addictive battle royale mode, combining elements such as competitive gameplay as well as the stunning visuals and constant support and new additions in game. It is no surprise why Fortnite has grown to be this popular.

With all that being said, just because Fortnite is incredibly fun and entertaining, does not make it an easy game. So, for the beginners, for the people picking up the game for the first time. Here are some tips to keep you running and gunning to a Victory!

1. Plan your start

Battle Bus Path

Once you have loaded into a game, you will be aboard the battle bus. From the battle bus you can click ‘M’ on your keyboard to see the path that the battle bus will take across the map. Big towns and structures mean more loot, but that also means that it will be heavily contested. Our advice? Jump more towards the end of the battle busses path, it will be more isolated and will give you a better chance to set up and settle in.

As soon as you land there are 3 priorities that you should keep in mind:

  • Find some cover, get out of the open
  • Find a weapon, any weapon for now; and
  • Start collecting building resources

By waiting for the bus to reach its conclusion in flight will give you a better chance to loot without being disturbed by other players. Yes, it might take you a little longer to run away from the storm and get into the safe zone. But it will allow you to grasp your surroundings and set you up for the later stages of the match.  

2. Choose engagements wisely

Choose your Engagements

Watching your favourite streamer on Twitch or watching the best Fortnite plays on YouTube can give you a sense that you need to kill every player you see. This can be a little counterproductive, especially if you want to win! Pick fights with people that you have a high chance of winning.

If the engagement takes a turn for the worst, it is alright to take cover or run away from the engagement completely if things get too hairy. There is nothing cowardice about running away. The object is to be the last one standing and that requires you to be alive. Live to fight another day.

3. Understand the colours

Weapon Rarity

If you want to get a leg up against the opposition then you'll need the right gear. If you hear a magical shimmering sound this means that you are close to a chest. Chests offer you loot with the chance of nabbing yourself an Epic or Legendary item.

To understand the power of the item it’ll appear in six different colours;

  • Grey - Common item
  • Green - Uncommon item
  • Blue - Rare item
  • Purple - Epic item; and
  • Gold - Legendary item.

Legendary weapons will deal more damage than a common or uncommon item giving you the upper hand in an engagement against your enemies.

4. Don’t get caught in the open

If you want to increase your chances of making it to the top 10 or winning a Victory Royale, you need to try and stay out of the open as much as possible. Of course there are going to be situations where you won't be able to avoid being out in the open, that's where you will need to rely on building a temporary fortress, but if you are able to stay in cover as much as possible it will give you a slightly better chance of surviving engagements and making it to a top 10 situation.

For the moments where you are caught out in the open, a little bonus tip would be to rebind your building buttons to ones that feel more comfortable for you. As soon as you start taking fire and have no cover to dash towards then you can smash your build buttons to create some temporary cover.

Use your environment to your advantage too. The Fortnite map is scattered with bushes and these said bushes can provide some excellent cover when you are low health and know of an enemy pushing up. It might be considered as a disrespectful way to get a kill. But hey, all is fair in love and war. And on the Fortnite battlefield is full on war. Use every tactic to your advantage to win the fight!

5. Be aware of your surroundings, constantly

When you are moving from one safe zone to the next, be aware of signs around the world that could give away an enemies position. If you see a whole bunch of construction in an area that either means that someone has been here or that they might still be in the area. Cut down trees or damaged buildings could also be a good way to track down your enemy.

Audio cues are the best way to locate your enemy quickly. You will often hear your enemies before you see them. Having a decent headset will be extremely useful when playing Fortnite.

 6. Know your consumables

Healing potions

When you are looting around the map you might stumble across certain healing items. You are also able to find healing items and consumables from those magical shimmering chests.

It is always a good idea to keep a couple of the consumables available in your inventory for sticky situations, but remember to consume certain items to get to full health and shields. The last thing that you want to happen is you lose a fight because you didn't drink a shield but had one right there in your backpack! One thing to remember is when you have taken damage and need to use one of your consumables, it takes time to use whatever consumable you have at hand. Make sure that you are behind cover when deciding to use a consumable.

Here is a list of the consumables that you can find lying about and what benefits they give you:

  • Chug Jug: This will restore both your health and shields to 100%. It takes a whopping 15 seconds to fully consume this item. Make sure you are safe!
  • Shield Potion: This item provides you with plus 50 shields to reach a maximum of 100 shields. The use time on this item is 4 seconds.
  • Small Shield Potion: This shield potion gives you plus 25 shield to a maximum of plus 50. So you can use two of the small potions to fill half of your shield bar. To use one Small Shield Potion takes 2 seconds to consume.
  • Slurp Juice: This provides you with a plus 1 health or shield per second for a maximum of 75 seconds. If you reach full health or shield the Slurp Juice will continue to give you extra shields too. The time it takes to use this item is 2 seconds.
  • Medkit: The Medkit restores your health to 100% and it takes 10 seconds to use this item.
  • Bandages: Bandages provide you with a plus 15 health to a maximum of 75% health. It takes 4 seconds to use this item.

7. Get the high ground

Fortnite High Ground

In most shooter games having the height advantage gives you a better chance to winning engagements. In Fortnite there is no exception to that rule. Get to the top of buildings, scale to the top of mountains and scan the depths below you for enemies crawling up to the circle.

Make sure that when you do get to the high ground that you have some sort of cover so that you aren't exposed from all the different angles. Play this position smartly and you can score yourself a guaranteed top 10 spot!

8. Don’t fall into the loot trap

There might be an instance while you are playing where you see a whole bunch of loot just standing there in the open. You might think it's a great opportunity to stock up on items especially if you are low on healing items or ammunition. But, this could be a trap. There could be a sneaky snake hiding somewhere waiting for you to try and grab that loot and slay you! Always be aware of potential bait.

9. Rebind building controls

Building and the building mechanics in Fortnite are super important to know and get the hang of. The best thing to do is rebind the controls to something that will be easy for you to remember and access on the go.

Having good building mechanics could mean the difference between winning and losing an engagement. Being able to react accordingly and build yourself to safety is a crucial aspect!

10. Building is a formidable weapon

Building in Fortnite PC

We have mentioned how important building is and how it's crucial to harvest all the building materials. If you treat your building like the ultimate weapon you will be able to get a couple shots off on your opponent and retreat back to cover without allowing him to get any shots onto you. Where if you are standing out in the open, your enemy can shoot back at you and potentially kill you if you haven't got cover to retreat back to.

Even if you feel you can kill the guy without building, don't risk it. Rather build a support structure and then take the shots. If he gets a lucky headshot on you at least you have somewhere to hide and heal.


So those are the Top 10 Tips and Tricks for beginners in Fortnite. Just remember that everybody has to start somewhere, you can’t become as good as Ninja in a couple days. Keep practicing your building and make sure that you learn from your mistakes and you will start pulling in more and more victories!