144Hz Gaming: The experience you're missing

144Hz gaming

If you have been around the gaming scene for sometime then you have definitely heard about 144Hz (Hertz) monitors before. But what is the difference between a 60Hz and a 144Hz monitor, and is there really a difference in game between the two?

From my personal opinion, I played on a 60HZ panel for many years. In fact before my 60Hz monitor I was playing on a TV and I was perfectly content with that, and surprisingly, I was really good when I was playing on a standard TV screen. But then the era of 144Hz gaming emerged and I was just as curious as many other gamers out there. Since I got my 144Hz monitor, I will never go back to a 60Hz monitor.

Let’s take it back to the basics for a second and discuss what exactly refresh rate is and how a higher refresh rate is better for competitive gaming.

A monitor is measured in Hertz (Hz), a refresh rate basically constitutes how many frames the monitor can display each second. It is also determined by the amount of FPS your PC can produce in game.

For competitive gaming you want every single competitive edge that you could possibly have over your opponents and having a monitor with a higher refresh rate means that you will have a much smoother in game experience. It will also make your reactions in game so much faster as it will allow you to track your enemy and spot them quicker with the smoother gameplay.

From the moment you turn on your 144Hz gaming monitor you will notice the difference. From your mouse cursor smoothly gliding across your screen to the vibrant colors that scream out at you. When you hop in game, you will begin to realize the massive difference that a 144Hz panel has. The game is the same but the gameplay will be completely different. It will feel as though you are playing a completely new game.

Playing CS:GO for many years I was always curious to see what the difference a 144Hz monitor would do to my individual game. I am not one who goes along with all the hype about a certain product unless I can experience it for myself. Oh boy, was they hype right about this. Unfortunately you won't realize what you are missing until you have tried a 144Hz monitor. One thing is guaranteed, once you try the awe-inspiring refresh rates, there's no simply going back to your 60Hz panel and enjoying it. No, you are missing out on real gaming.

If you want to get the experience that you're meant to get with your favorite games then a 144Hz gaming monitor is for you. If you want to get the competitive edge over your opponents, especially in FPS games, then a 144Hz monitor is a necessity.

Come on, spoil yourself a little and experience the gaming world without visual limitations.

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