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About Evetech

Since our founding in 2007, Evetech has become one of South Africa's most awarded systems builder and has worked hard to ensure that we have developed and maintain our relationships with some of the best PC component and peripheral companies all over the world. The likes of; Intel, MSI, Microsoft, AMD, NVIDIA, ASUS, Corsair and so many more.

We continue to strive to bring you, our customer, more value for money and more variety by introducing more brands that might not have been accessible before. We want you to be spoilt by choice when you browse our website.

At Evetech we aim to bring you the latest PC technology and regularly update our product range to ensure that you are getting the very best when choosing to build your dream PC.

Customer Service:

Customer satisfaction is extremely important to us. We take pride in ensuring that our customers have the best possible experience when utilizing us to buy their gaming gear and parts. We want to extend ourselves indefinitely to every single one of our customers to provide for their every need.

We will never compromise our efforts to consistently bring our customers the very best value for money.

About Us

SA's Best System Builder

Starting from a humble beginning with only a two-man operated store in 2007 in the very heart of Pretoria, Evetech has grown exponentially since then. Creating a booming online presence, winning numerous awards of excellence for our custom gaming and workstation machines from both PC format and New Age Gaming (NAG) magazines.

We have an extremely wide range of products extending from gaming hardware, peripherals to gaming and workstation laptops and desktops. We are dedicated to bringing our customer's excellent products, at some of the best prices.

Respect and recognition

Evetech is respected as an Intel Premium Provider. Showcasing our commitment to providing the latest Intel technology and quality. We are also a Microsoft partner, which shows our dedication and commitment to skills and training.

We strive to always bring you the latest and greatest products to Evetech. Ensuring that we can always reach your budget with the best products available.

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Social Media

Evetech has multiple social media accounts where we post updates, memes, giveaways, interesting information regarding the tech and gaming industry, and specials that we have running on our website.

We also use our social media accounts to speak to customers through direct messages whenever they need assistance. Our social media team strives to assist customers fast and effectively no matter what query our customer needs resolving.

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EvetechTV is our YouTube channel where we want to ensure that we can post relevant content for our customers. Whether it is product reviews, news happening around the technological or gaming world, gameplay montages and much more. We want to ensure that there is always content readily available for all our consumers.

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Recently, Evetech decided to create a TikTok account where we can interact with a different audience and basically "have some fun".

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None of this is possible without your incredible support, and we hope that we can continue to exceed expectation and provide excellent service to you consistently, the service that you expect.

We are constantly looking to improve in any way that we can on all platforms. We welcome any suggestions, changes or add-ons that you'd like to see from us and we will do our best to cater to that!

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