Top 10 Battle Royale games

  • November 29, 2018
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Top 10 Battle Royale games

Battle Royale games started off as a simple mod to a mainstream gaming phenomenon. Hitting the world with its big open world and all out combat. Blending in elements of survival, scavenging and exploration the players fight ferociously to be the last man standing.

Play casually or squad up with your friends to take on the server to be the best team. Competitive gameplay comes easily when playing a Battle Royale game. The down time of looting and finding equipment can seem tedious, but the fact that at any point during these processes someone can sneak up and take you out keeps you on your toes. Every engagement has you alert and cautious.

Mixing outrageously good fun with intense gameplay and competition brings together an excellent combination that’s taking the world by force.

Let’s take a look at the top 10 Battle Royale games right now in no particular order:

1. Fortnite




Starting off after much anticipation, Fortnite had a massive year in 2017. In 2018, Fortnite Battle Royale went from being big to being a total phenomenon. The general gameplay experience of Fortnite battle royale is somewhat similar to arcade games. However, the game gives you loads of challenges when it comes to building structures, looting and the different weapons you can use to take out your enemies. Plus, the buildings also add an extra dimension to both offensive and defensive gameplay.

The great thing about Epic Games is how they’ve evolved and responded to in the game. For example, when players discovered a cheat to let them ride pumpkins, the game makers did not come down hard on the players, but instead adapted to the glitch and turned it into something – they let the pumpkins fly. The game has also experimented with things like the 50 versus 50 mode.

We have seen over five seasons of Fortnite madness and we’re hoping that there will be countless more seasons to come. Unlike initial suspicions, the cartoonish aesthetic of Fortnite battle royale is liked by players of all ages. At a time when all predictions favoured open world games, Fortnite, along with PUBG proved to everybody why the prediction business must stay out of the world of gamers.





Before Fortnite, there was PUBG – and PUBG alone. This is the game that  well and truly claimed the title of being the big daddy of Battle Royale games. By every estimate, Brendan Greene came of age with Playerunknown’s Battlegrounds. He was able to mix raw survival instincts among a crowd of other players with superior weaponry before anyone else. Perhaps that is the reason why the game is so popular across the world on both PC and mobile.

In 2018, PUBG dished out more surprises in the form of gaming modes to both established fans and new players. In the classic mode itself, you can play three maps – Erangel, Miramar and Shanhok. Unlike Fortnite, you can take a ride in a variety of vehicles from motorcycles, jeeps, vans and boats. This adds diversity and depth to the game, not only that but you are able to crash into unsuspecting enemies with your vehicle.

For shorter and more intense experience, PUBG has a range of arcade mode matches, too. These include modes like sniper training, 8-minute matches, mini-zone and war – an all out battle where you keep respawning and killing until one player or team achieves the maximum points and wins the game.      

3. Ring of Elysium




The great thing about the battle royale format is that you can take the format and fit it into just about any plot. On the face of it, that’s what PUBG’s China distributor have done with Ring of Elysium. Interestingly, they shifted the battlefield to a snowy mountain-scape that’s about to be hit by the worst ice-storm in 30 years.

The plot unfolds as a bunch of tourists are stranded in the small town and the sheriff can do literally nothing to evacuate them all. All that remains is one chopper that can carry just a few people – precisely, four of them. The others must either die in the storm or bite the bullet of another tourist chasing the chopper.

Available only on PC, Ring of Elysium takes some doing to master if you haven’t played battle royale outside of mobile devices yet. You need to factor in other variables like real-time weather, and snowy landscapes along with downhill rides on snowmobiles. The killing does not really stop with the last four people. Folks kill till the last man out of habit or sheer vengeance. That tells us something about the battle royale formula.

4. H1Z1




Right off the bat, H1Z1 is a game that focuses on action. Sometimes, it does that at the cost of the character or the game itself. While PUBG is a realistic game with very solid physics and Fortnite is outright whacky, H1Z1 fits right in the middle of the two games.

Although H1Z1 features vehicles, the mechanics work significantly different to that of PUBG. If you are moving at a substantially fast pace in a vehicle in PUBG and then suddenly decide to exit the vehicle, you will reach your untimely demise. Where in H1Z1 you are able to exit a moving vehicle without taking any damage. The gun mechanics in H1Z1 are a little more complex than that of PUBG or Fortnite for that matter. But this is what makes all these Battle Royales so unique.  

The best thing about H1Z1 is the auto royale mode. It’s an all-out mad rally of vehicles fighting out other vehicles. There’s one driver and three gunners – all locked up in vehicles – shooting down and making a fireball on the streets. Getting special weapons from the drop boxes becomes inevitable if you want to succeed in the end game.

5. Call of Duty: Black Ops 4




With all the hype created by PUBG and Fortnite around Battle Royale games, we are seeing AAA titles steering more towards the Battle Royale aspect. Which is not necessarily a bad thing. Call of Duty Black Ops 4 is a new release and has already received incredible praise for their Battle Royale mode called Blackout.  

Blackout sports all the amazing features that Call of Duty is known for, the fast paced movement and mechanics, the different weapons and abilities. This introduces new elements into the Battle Royale genre and Blackout is fast becoming a fierce competitor.   

The stellar production aesthetic of Black Ops 4 is stamped all across the gameplay. The AAA gameplay adds just that bit of a flavour to the already hit Battle Royale formula. We really hope more and more AAA giants do their bit to add to the battle royale formula. Nonetheless, the consumer is winning all through. For one, Blackout is a battle royale gem.

6. The Culling




Not many seem to know about it but the battle royale format has been informed and inspired by a Japanese movie called The Culling. This game takes the blood and gore of the battle royale format to The Hunger Games level. The setting is in the jungle and you find yourself among a total of 16 players – 15 of which will not blink an eye before taking you down.        

The Culling prioritizes melee fighting and weaponry over long range firefights, which is a welcome change from most other battle royale games. The intensity in every game is absolutely addictive. And the colour theme is generally vibrant, too. That works well as a comic relief because the pace of the game is totally out of whack when it comes to players killing one another.

Xaviant games has managed to impart PUBG-like realism with a lot of true-tone colours. The weaponry is particularly impressive as you literally start with sticks and stones (that’s right). This game is an invitation to everyone that’s wanted to play battle royale but are not big fans of shooter games. In fact, you can disarm people with guns with nothing more than a melee weapon.     

7. Knives Out




Knives Out is one of the truest replicas of PUBG and it really does not try to hide that fact. In fact, in 2017 PUBG went ahead and sued Knives Out and another game for plagiarism. That bit aside, Knives Out does manage to rekindle the PUBG styled battle royale gameplay in bits and pieces. You are free to do literally anything except cheating in the pursuit of trying to take out an opponent.

If Knives Out has the upper hand over some other games in this list, it has to be in the aesthetics department. This is one of the more beautifully designed battle royale games that you’ll play. That is a cool detail given that the game is available only on iOS and android. Throw in a couple of freakish masks and cool leather jackets and the game has over millions of downloads already.

Even the map of Knives Out looks strikingly similar to PUBG. The weapons, ammo, scopes – all bear a surprisingly bizarre similarity with PUBG. If you look closely, they even placed the controls at the exact same spots as PUBG. That is what set the game in suing line in the first place, we believe.

8. Dying Light: Bad Blood




Techland’s game Dying Light came out way before PUBG and Fortnite in 2015. As it turns out, the game still has thousands of fans across the world. Originally, the game was a mix of zombies and parkour but the sheer popularity of the game has encouraged the game makers to try a Battle Royale spin-off for the game.

The cool thing about the game is the developers are calling it the brutal royale. You might already be guessing the zombie influence which might make it similar to The Culling. And it turns out to be very similar indeed. You land in the dodge wit 11 other players, pick every melee weapon on your way and use them to make others bleed.

At the end of the game, there’s a chopper waiting – with only seat. Technically, you do not really need to be the last alive player to win this game. All you want to do is become the first player on the chopper. That’s what many players do and that’s how they die as sometimes. But in the absence of real long-range shooting weapons, you might as well try your luck making it to the chopper first.   

9. Islands of Nyne




Let’s be honest about something – most battle royale games have a clear influence of PUBG on them. Most of them either look like PUBG or try to evoke similar sentiments as PUBG. However, some battle royale games have been under development ever since the first glimpse of PUBG. It turns out the Islands of Nyne was receiving crowdfunding on Kickstarter even before PUBG arrived.

The FPS only shooter has a totally sci-fi and futuristic look and feel to it, which is something that a lot of people have been waiting for in a battle royale game. And in all honesty, it gives you something that you won’t really find in other battle royale games – the taste of another dimension.

Like you would expect in a sci-fi, galactic setting, the game starts with a teleporter dropping hundred blood-thirsty people into an alien battlefield. There are three arenas where all the blood and war happens. The gamut of high-tech weaponry is pretty commendable since an increasing number of shooter fans have been asking for a game like this. Since FPS servers have become very popular on PUBG, Nyne could turn out to be a very popular game.    

10. The Darwin Project




Besides Fortnite and PUBG, Darwin Project was among the first battle royale projects to be announced. Players have been hearing about this game since E3 2017. This brings a slightly different gameplay method on board from what we have been used to seeing in other battle royal games. Instead of a shrinking storm, designated zones on the map gradually close off for battle. That means the general direction of a possible enemy attack becomes all that more difficult to predict.

The game first tried out the early access model, which to be fair, was still successful. But to lure in more players, The Darwin Project is now free-to-play with more in-game purchases. In some ways, the game is similar to PUBG and in some other ways, the game resembles Fortnite, too. TDP also brings on board some unique concepts that have been appreciated by gamers all around.