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core i7 pcs on special

Intel Core i7 Gaming PCs

If you are looking for an unrivaled gaming experience, where the price is not an issue and you want to completely dominate your opponents in-game. Then the Core i7 gaming PC's are the best choice for you.

Fully future proof your system by getting the best that the market has to offer. Feel the performance from the Intel Core i7 fuel your gaming rig as you slice through enemies without any FPS jitter. Experience what true stutter-free gaming looks like when you have a beastly Core i7 gaming PC by your side.

Get your hands on one of the greatest gaming machines right here at Evetech and start dominating everyone online. Get a PC that matches your skills with the Core i7 gaming PC's.

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High Performance Core i7 Desktop PCs

Core i7 Desktop PCs are Best for Multi-Tasking, Rendering, High-End Gaming and the Best option for people looking for the fastest available machine, which come with Faster Base Clock speeds, Larger Cache that helps complete tasks faster.