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core i7 pcs on special

Intel Core i7 PCs

These Intel Core i7 Custom Built PCs are based on the new latest Intel 4th Generation i7 CPUs and are the most future proof PCs available. The Core i7 PCs are excellent at all tasks, including Gaming, Video Editing, Photo Editing, Music Production, and Multi-tasking. Choose from our range of Core i7 Computers below or call us on 010 786 0044 or email us at [email protected] with the specifications you would like and we will send you a quote.

Future Proofing, Buying the best available will ensure that your computer will be equipped to handle any current or future tasks you might require, Be it for Gaming, Designing or 3D Rendering. Core i7 Desktop PCs will perform above and beyond your expectations.

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High Performance Core i7 Desktop PCs

Core i7 Desktop PCs are Best for Multi-Tasking, Rendering, High-End Gaming and the Best option for people looking for the fastest available machine, which come with Faster Base Clock speeds, Larger Cache that helps complete tasks faster.