A closer look at the Ballistix RGB RAM

Ballistix RGB RAM

When performance just isn’t enough for you and your gaming rig and you want to have your gaming rig glowing in RGB excellence. You want the illuminated atmosphere around your gaming setup to resemble that of a pro gamer sitting on a stage in front of a massive, screaming crowd. Well, the Ballistix RAM modules can give you everything except the screaming crowd in your bedroom!

Ballistix RAM

The awesome RGB RAM might be a bit of a mouthful to say in one sentence, but, the Ballistix Tactical Tracer RGB RAM is quite the heavy hitter. As of right now you can find 16GB of the 3000Mhz RAM on the Evetech website. In total they released four different kits, all of these kits are going to be based on 8GB sticks, making the two of the kits a 16GB package and the other two a 32GB package. You can grab the kits in either 2666MHz or 3000MHz speeds!

RGB Lighting Module

One of the most appealing features of the Ballistix RAM is that fact that it comes equipped with some fantastic RGB lighting on the top of the module. Bright and vibrant with different patterns and colours that will truly make your gaming setup as unique as your imagination can make it, but, Crucial takes it a step further. The lighting bar at the top of the module is removable. Now why would they go and do something like that? Well in the simplest possible way to explain it, they have made it removable so that the beauty of 3D printers can print their very own designs to stick onto the module. Now that is truly a unique customisation to add to your gaming rig! The RAM comes with the file that contains the dimensions that you will need in order to get your 3D printer to get the accurate measurements!

Beautiful RAM, High Performance

The Ballistix RGB RAM is certainly not a kit that you should look past without a second glance. With the fast 3000MHz speed and the incredible vibrance from the stunning RGB lighting you can have the best of both worlds with the Ballistix RAM. So if you are looking to either upgrade your older RAM units or looking for some new RAM to fill your gaming rig then the Ballistix Tactical Tracer RGB RAM is the perfect companion that you will need to take on every enemy, no matter what the game may be, no matter what you skill level may be. With the Ballistix RAM you will own every victory!