A Legend Reborn

Razer DeathAdder V2

Here it is, the re-birth of a legend gaming mouse. As I have mentioned in a previous article, the DeathAdder is one of Razers best selling mice to have ever graced the gaming scene. Selling over 10 million copies. Earning it's fame through an incredibly ergonomic design, suited for most grip styles. I mentioned in the last article that it would be incredible to see the Deathadder having the same internals and being wireless just like the Viper Ultimate. Although I was correct in predicting the internals, the whole wireless part is what I got incorrect. But, regardless, having the pristine Deathadder with updated switches, feet and sensor. Its a dream come true having this performer get a healthy upgrade. Plus, they have reduced the weight to 80g. Yes, that's right... only 80 grams.

So, what exactly has changed from the DeathAdder elite to the V2?

Razer DA V2 Top

The Exterior
Although not much has changed on the exterior of the DeathAdder V2 compared to the Elite. You can, however, see some minor changes. The flare on the right side of the mouse has been reduced (as seen in the image above) to seem a little more like the mamba shape. People were complaining that it was becoming uncomfortable after long periods. The other noticeable change is the DPI shifter switches on the top of the mouse. They are more square and placed slightly more towards the back, out of the way of accidental clicks. The last noticeable change on the V2 is the side grips. All in all, some amazing changes to the exterior to ensure comfort over long gaming sessions and raids.

Razer Optomechanical Mouse switch

Razer's Optical Mouse Switch
Similar to the optomechanical switches found on their Huntsman, Huntsman Elite and the new Tournament edition - the switches in the V2 utilize an infrared light in the switch to register every single click. With an actuation response time of as little as 0.2 milliseconds. By removing any physical contact in the switch this ensures a longer-lasting switch as well as removing any debounce delay and finally unintentional double-clicks are removed out of the equation, giving you a closer control and flawless execution.

Razer Focus+ Optical Sensor

The new Razer Focus+ Optical Sensor.
The Focus+ sensor is a massive transformation in the gaming market as it is one of, if not the best, performing gaming sensors that you could ever wish to have in a mouse. With an industry-leading DPI range of up to 20,000, a range that I assure you nobody will ever use but its cool to have those bragging rights. It also has a 99.6% resolution accuracy which means that it will accurately track even the slightest movements that you make with your hand allowing for the best micro-tracking when playing a competitive First-Person Shooter. Also included with the new Focus+ sensor are things like smart tracking, asymmetric cut-off, motion sync and a 650IPS tracking speed.
Now, fitting a sensor like this in a legend like the DeathAdder, well - it makes one a little giddy thinking about it.

Razer Cable

SpeedFlex Cable.
One of the biggest problems that I had with Razer mice, in general, was the stiff cable that was attached to the mouse. If you did not have a mouse bungee on your desk you would struggle with the cable dragging on your mouse pad. However, that is a thing of the past as the Speedflex cable is designed to produce minimal drag so that you can perform as quickly as you possibly can. Although the cable is a massive improvement, having a mouse bungee might still be necessary for some people that don't want their mouse cord dragging across their desk.

Razer 100% PTFE Feet

PTFE Mouse Feet.
This is such a welcome improvement on the new Razer mice. Having high quality, durable mouse feet to help glide across your mouse pad can make the biggest difference when you least expect it. This 100% PTFE mouse feet will allow you to enjoy slick mouse movement across several different surfaces. A change that I know the community appreciate wholeheartedly.

Razer DA V2 game changer

Razer is changing the game with these incredible products. It just goes to show that a massive company like Razer do listen to the community. They have taken everything in and they are starting to product performance gaming products. Upgraded sensors, better comfort, better switches, smoother feet. It's unbelievable to see such a reputable brand increase their popularity by making such incredible products, and by listening to their community.

What do you think of the new DeathAdder V2 by Razer? Is this something that you would consider getting? Let us know!

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