Alienware 240Hz Beast

Alienware 240Hz Gaming Monitor

If you are looking for a monitor to keep up with the fast paced competitive games that you play or you’re looking for one of the best 240Hz gaming monitors on the market. Then you are in the right place. The Alienware 25” 240Hz monitor is more than just a panel to showcase your games. It's a work of art!

There are two different models when it comes to the Alienware 240Hz you get a FreeSync or G-Sync powered model. If you are running an AMD card in your build then you will want to go for the FreeSync option and when it comes to NVIDIA you want to aim for the G-Sync model. The only major difference here is the compatibility between the card brands and unfortunately, the price. The Gsync-Model is slightly more expensive than their FreeSync counterpart. But, if you are looking for that added advantage over your enemies and you are rocking a NVIDIA card then you definitely want to get the G-Sync model, but don’t you worry, it is definitely worth it!

Elegant Alienware Style

When it comes to style Alienware sticks to what they know best with their sleek and elegant style and aggressive angles and lines. Most gaming monitors aren't usually the focal point of your gaming setup, but then again, most gaming monitors aren't the Alienware beauty. With nearly no bezels on either side and the top of the screen giving you the most immersive and captivating viewing experience you could ever imagine. The actual panel itself screams premium quality and right behind the screen carved into the beautiful silver back are the Alienware symbol that lights up into RGB goodness as well as two lines towards the bottom of the monitor. Some might think that having RGB lighting at the back of a monitor defeats the whole purpose of having RGB, but if you think about the elegance of the RGB it does not scream “Look at me!”, it's simple. Its meant to be subtle and out of your way so that you can focus on your game.

Like the majority of gaming monitors you are able to tilt and swivel the monitor as well as adjust the monitors height up and down. Some of the monitors have a bit of a stiff rigid feel when adjusting the monitor, but the Alienware feels buttery smooth. Just another aspect of the monitor that screams premium quality.


Key Specs of the Monitor

So just to list a couple of the key specs of the Alienware monitor:

  • Screen Size and Resolution - 25 Inches and it is a 1920 x 1080 panel
  • Refresh Rate - 240Hz
  • Response Time - 1ms Response Time
  • Panel Type - TN Panel ( A TN panel stands for a twisted nematic panel and is a form of LED panel. TN panels are characterised as being the fastest panels on the market).
  • G-Sync Support - Yes (Also has a FreeSync model available).


Ports on the Alienware

All the Ports and Interface

When it comes to all the different ports in  order to connect yopur monitor to your PC it comes with all the standard connections that you could expect from a gaming monitor. You have your HDMI connection as well as the DisplayPort 1.2 connection and three USB 3.0 ports in the back of the monitor. What is really unique is the way Alienware have slanted the back connections to make it easier for you to connect the cables, it's the small attention to detail that really make it a good experience. Included in the box is a plastic backplate that you can hide the cables behind making it a little more seamless and neat. Another small but noticeable feature is the headphone jack is situated at the bottom edge of the screen allowing you to plug in your headset without having to rummage to the back of the monitor and feel your way to the connection.

The on screen interface is also extremely easy to use, the overall layout is simple and user friendly. There are six physical navigation buttons on the bottom right that are easy to press and still fit the overall aesthetic of the monitor.

In game Performance

In Game Performance

With a panel that is this beautiful its difficult to find any faults when you are in game, you are so captivated by the vibrant colour and the 400 nits of brightness that deliver a jaw dropping visual. Combined with the low latency and high refresh rate, gaming on this monitor is the closest thing to perfection.

Although some people argue that you don't really see a difference going from a 144Hz panel to a 240Hz, in some ways that is true, it isn't like switching from a 60Hz to a 144Hz which is literally like flipping a light switch and being able to see around your cluttered room. You can however notice a much smoother in game experience. So if your question is, will you notice a difference in game? Yes, you absolutely will… even browsing your desktop showcases the beauty of the 240Hz monitor.

Where you will truly see a massive difference is fast paced FPS games such as Overwatch. Not only will the clarity blow your mind but every frame is smoother and somehow more responsive. Playing story based games like Assassins Creed also gives you that seamless smooth gameplay and eye wateringly crisp visuals.


With the NVIDIA G-Sync technology syncs up your display with your GPU (for the AMD guys, there is a FreeSync model available too) taking away those nasty screen tearing moments that make you want to pull your hair out. The G-Sync helped in Assassins Creed as you jump from rooftop to rooftop and take out your enemies from the air. In FPS games, the fast swipes with your mouse, flicking from one foe to the other was smooth as silk.

So, the bottom line when it comes to the Alienware 240Hz gaming monitor is simple. It is brilliant. With the colours and silky smooth in game visuals it is going to be difficult to find a 1080p monitor that is aesthetically pleasing to look at as well as a beast of a performer. Although the price might make people second guess themselves, all we can really say is that it is worth every penny. Plus, getting a monitor this good will assure that you wont need to upgrade for many, many years. Alienware is known for making high performing products with excellent build quality, you wont need to worry about this beast breaking down on you!


If you are interested in picking up either the G-Sync or FreeSync models at Evetech, click on the link below and admire the beauty. You wont regret it!


Alienware AW2518H 25" 240Hz Gaming Monitor 

The Alienware G-Sync variant


Alienware AW2518HF 25" 240Hz Gaming Monitor

Alienware FreeSync Variant

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