AMD RX 5700 Bringing forward new technologies

AMD Ryzen

At a Computex 2019 press conference held by AMD, they boasted that they were bringing some new technology to the foreground, new technology that have never been introduced before. Now that is quite a bold statement to make, but with the way that AMD have been moving in recent months I think that this statement may just hold up. After the release of the first 7nm GPU last year AMD states that it is placing mucher larger bets on the die shrink of the CPU by incorporating it into Navi, the very much anticipated successor of the RX Vega series of GPU that was released approximately two years ago.

Now some people might be wondering what Navi is, besides from the professional eSports organisation, while there is no correlation between AMD and the eSports franchise it is AMD’s next generation graphics platform. There is not much information on Navi except that it will be the next generation of technology that powers the AMD GPUs. They, AMD, has decided to build on the very foundation that was started by the 7nm Radeon VII GPU that was released earlier this year and Navi is based on the 7nm design too. However, the architecture that is being used in the new Navi based GPU is being referred to as the RDNA (Radeon DNA).

Navi Next Gen

According to the CEO Dr. Lisa Su, “A brand new compute unit design…” RDNA is promised to deliver 125% higher performance, per clock, than that of the older GCN standard. With these higher clock speeds, it is said that the Navi products will deliver a staggering 1.5 times more performance than the equivalent GCN products. So in terms of gaming, AMD is claiming that the RX 5700 will outpace that of the NVIDIA GeForce RTX 2070 by approximately 10%. Now I am not sure about you, but I feel that NVIDIA must be feeling the pressure a little bit now knowing that they might not be the kings of gaming performance for much longer.

The expected release date of the RX 5000 series should be around early July, but more information is bound to release at the AMD Next Horizon Gaming keynote at E3 2019. So keep your eyes peeled for some tasty updates regarding the 5000 series as well as the new Navi based technology!

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