AMD's new GPU: The Radeon VII

Radeon VII

It was recently announced that AMD will be launching a brand new high end GPU, the Radeon VII. This state of the art GPU is the world’s first 7nm GPU that will be released for consumers around the world. It is said that the Radeon VII GPU from AMD will be released on the 7th of February 2019.

Although Vega has existed in the realm of 7nm already, but only in the form of AMD’s Radeon Instinct accelerators which is used for deep learning workloads. In contrast, the Radeon VII is aimed solely at gamers and more specifically aims at battling against NVIDIA’s very own RTX 2080.


The style of the new Radeon VII takes a similar approach to that of NVIDIA’s RTX cards by ditching the blower fan design and opting for the triple fan design. Which can be regarded as an extremely good move by AMD as the blower style fan had a tendency to overheat and get extremely loud when the fan speeds were pushed to the limit.

Radeon VII specs:

The Radeon VII is boasting 60 compute units and a staggering 3840 stream processors running up to 1.8GHz. Screaming 16GB of HBM2 high bandwidth memory delivering an incredible 1TB/s of memory bandwidth. AMD is sticking to their HBM2 memory instead of the GDDR6 memory that the RTX cards come with as it has been the case with the other Vega models by AMD.

AMDs New GPU Radeon VII

Radeon VII performance:

What we really want to know is how it performs in game. Well, compared to the Radeon RX Vega 64, the new Radeon VII crushes the Vega 64 in a bunch of games. Showing an unbelievable 35 percent performance boost in Battlefield 5. This is made possible with the high bandwidth memory provided in the GPU.

Even more interestingly is how the new Radeon VII stacks up against its NVIDIA counterpart the RTX 2080. Surprisingly, the Radeon VII manages to keep up with the RTX 2080 in both DirectX 12 and 11 games. The Radeon VII even manages to overtake the RTX 2080 in the Vulkan performance test, with the Radeon lacking the Ray tracing technology as that is not included, the RTX has the advantage when it comes to the innovative Ray tracing technology.


In essence the Radeon VII is a serious competitor in the GPU market for 2019, a GPU that certainly gives the gaming world something to get excited about!

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