Apex Legends: A scary update


A patch was released by the Apex Legends team intended to improve on some quality of life issues in the game as well as certain bug fixes (a list of the patch notes will be listed below).  So when the patch rolled out expecting it to be a massive improvement to the game, especially the part about some super secret anti-cheat improvements, but unfortunately things didn't really go according to plan.

Once players reconnected to the game after doing the patch, they noticed that all their progression, bought items and unlocked items had been reset. Almost as if all your data on your account had been wiped clean. Now for a game with awesome visual aesthetics in terms of outfits and unique weapon skins, you can imagine the widespread panic when users logged on! The chaos has been shut down and everything has returned back to normal. During the update, player records were moved to the wrong servers which had no record whatsoever of player persistence. This caused it to appear as though that your account had been reset. Below you will find a Tweet from the Apex Legends account responding to the issue.

Apex Legends Tweet

Let's take a look at the patch notes that were released in the 1.1 update:

Quality of life fixes:

  • Additional behind-the-scenes improvements to stop cheaters
  • Added mute button for the legend selection as well as the intro
  • When making use of the Report Player button on PC, now have the option to select either cheating or other
  • Added informative message to appear after PC crashes due to shortage of memory or overheating
  • Better collision to turrets on supply ship
  • Stability fixes on all platforms


Bug fixes:

  • Fixed issue where BattlePass rewards page never showcased default items, resulting in blank page
  • Fixed bug on PS4 and Xbox 1 where using a keyboard to type in chat could cause a fatal script error
  • Fixed bug where banner cards wouldn't show up during or at the end of a match



  • Octanes jump pad no longer affects players when using into the void ability with Wraith

Party Invites

From all the patch notes some of our favorites would be the fact there is a new Last Squad option. After a game when you are back in the lobby, on the left hand side of your screen it will show the two teammates you played the last round with. There will be able option to invite one, or both, to play as a squad again! A really neat feature if you are keen to squad up with the same people!

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