Apex Legends Coming To Mobile

Apex Legends

So when Apex Legends first launched, there was not much in terms of advertising or hyped up trailers. It sort of released under the radar and took the whole world by storm! The game attracted well over 50 million players in the very first month that it released on the relative platforms, although it has simmered down slightly since its release I am sure that when the game releases on mobile it'll pick up exactly where it left off.

It doesn't come at much of a surprise that Apex Legends has decided to release their game on the mobile gaming platform as arguably the two biggest battle royale games have done exactly the same thing in the past, the likes of Fortnite and PUBG have both got mobile versions of their game. In addition to announcing its mobile plans they also announced that they will be advancing with negotiations in getting Apex Legends to China. EA will also publish the game itself in South Korea via its origin online service.

CEO Andrew Wilson did not mention any update on the 50 million people figure, but he did mention that 30% of the said 50 million were brand new players to EA’s games. The company mentioned that it would be completely focused on ensuring that they deliver new content across a “Long time service” which will include new Legends in game.


Just to jump off track slightly, when it comes to EA’s other ‘big launch’ Anthem, the company admitted that they were expecting to have a much larger launch. They expected to sell between 5-6 million units at launch and instead of that they only managed to scrape together a couple million lower than the initial expected amount.

So there is no official release date coming for Apex Legends mobile but the CEO Andrew Wilson did say that you should expect it much sooner rather than later. Which is quite exciting to think about. We could have the legendary Apex Legends on our mobile phones, ready to take on anyone else that dares face you! Will there be a massively positive response to the mobile version as there was for PC and console, I guess we are just going to have to wait and see and jump onto that bandwagon when the time comes.

Have you guys got Fortnite or PUBG on your mobiles? And would you consider getting Apex Legends for your mobile device too? Let's hope that they stay true to their word and that the release is much sooner than later!  

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