Apex Legends: Season 1 Battle Pass

Seanson 1 Battlepass

It has been officially announced that the season one battle pass for Apex Legends will be released today, March 19th at approximately 1 PM ET, which should be 19:00 o'clock this evening South African time. With the announcement they have also released all the details of what you can potentially earn in the battle pass this season! The Battle Pass will cost 950 Apex coins which will be about R145 plus or minus. If you are interested in Battle Pass bundle that is going to set you back 2800 Apex Coins, but the bundle will reward you with 25 levels right off the bat. Once you have purchased the Battle Pass you will additionally be rewarded with the Mirage, Lifeline and Wraith Skins. The more you player the higher your Battle Pass level will grow, and the higher your level the more awesome items you can unlock. There are well over 100 items in the Battle Pass that you can unlock!

The Battle Pass can be purchased anytime during the first season and rewards will automatically unlock to your current level. So won't miss out on anything if you decide that it is not worth the money right now, but later decide that you want to take part of the fun! All players that either have the battle pass or not are able to earn the following:

  • A Wild Frontier Character skin
  • 18 Wild Frontier stat tracks
  • Five apex crates

People that do not purchase the battle pass will be able to grind it out to get the items but it will happen at an extraordinary slow pace. EA stated that all the loot that in the game will not be unlockable through in-game challenges but rather through playing the game as much as possible. EA wants the focus to remain on trying to learn the game and focus on their gameplay. Plus there is the new champion coming with the Season one Battle Pass. You will have to unlock the new Champion Octane, but a fresh new face with some interesting abilities to take your squad to the next victory! 

There is an option for players to earn a boost in the Battle Pass progression by exploring all the different champions that are available. By not focusing on just one champion you will earn yourself a boost and unlock all that juicy loot faster. This Battle Pass is designed to give people that are relatively new to the game a chance to get a better grasp of the game by simply playing it. The more you play the more loot you will be able to unlock and keep in your inventory! Lee Horn, the lead product manager of Apex Legends, gave a full rundown of what you can expect to get out of the entire Battle Pass in terms of loot. Those items are;

  1. You will get 1000 Apex Coins to open crates or you can save it up so you can purchase the next Battle Pass that releases.
  2. A one of a kind Epic PDW weapon skin
  3. The first ever 3-stage Evolving Legendary Weapon skin for the Havoc rifle
  4. An Apex pack that guarantees a Legendary item
  5. An Epic Apex pack that will guarantee one Epic item
  6. Five standard Apex Packs
  7. Three Legendary Skins
  8. Twenty Exclusive rare Weapon skins
  9. Nine banner frames
  10. Nine intro quips
  11. 9 seasonal trackers for your stats
  12. Badges, Battle Pass boosters and much, much more.


Check out this video by the YouTuber Driftor for a more in detailed look at all the new items and a closer look to Octane!



So are you keen to pick up this battle pass and dive into some Apex Legends and see how many wins you can get back to back? What would you like to see brought into the game in future Battle Passes in Apex Legends?

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