Apex Legends: The Cheating Problem

Apex Cheating Problem

As many people might know by now, a game that took the world by storm just over a month ago. A Battle Royale game that has a little bit of a twist to it. Your champions or heroes come with certain abilities that can turn the tide of battle into your favor. In just a month, Respawn studios managed to bring in fifty million players. It is no doubt that Apex Legends has become one of the most played games in the world at the moment, but where there is massive success like this, there are no doubt some issues that come along with that. The problems here, are cheaters.

As in most popular titles the issue of cheaters are always apparent and disruptive, but with Apex Legends being a free to play game cheaters become a little more active. At least in most titles you have the ability to spectate and then report the player that you suspect of cheating. Apex unfortunately does not have a report feature just yet. There are talks of a report feature coming to Apex in the next few weeks as to make your life slightly easier. You have the ability to spectate the player that killed you, but no in game reporting system. Respawn has stated that over 355, 000 players on the PC platform have been caught and dealt with accordingly. This certainly brings a smile to many faces in the Apex community.

The question that always arises when you are face to face with a cheater and you come off second best is, why? Why are they cheating? Some could say that it's just to troll their peers in the online gaming community. Others say that they aren’t as good as the average players in the community and are sick of constantly dying and want to feel good. To some sort of extreme you get the players that are slightly above average on the spectrum, they have good overall skill. Mechanics and movement as well as their aim. But they need to stay at that high level of gameplay and rely on a cheat to give them that little extra competitive edge.

Why you cheating?

Cheating in online multiplayer games can be extremely frustrating, taking the joy out of the game for those that choose not to cheat. Trying to get better at the game you have chosen to spend a large amount of money on, only to be killed instantly through a wall, can be very demoralizing. But it can also hurt the developers of the game. The more people that get driven away by the numerous amounts of cheaters could mean less income. So it is up to the developers to ensure that the game stays within its limits. Apex has been praised for its excellent art style, their unique approach to the battle royale genre and the fact that a game is that good and it's free. Incredible! But if cheaters continue you to run around with no consequence it could drive the player base to “The next big thing”.


Apex has the potential to be THE battle royale game that people want to play for years to come. It is not as though they are just letting these cheaters do what they want and spoil the game for the rest of the player base, no! They are working on this problem every day in order to make the battleground an enjoyable place for you, a fair place. Where you know, if you die, they were better than you. If you kill them, then you are better than they are. That is how it should be.