Apex Legends: The Fortnite killer?

  • February 05, 2019
  • In Gaming  

The Fortnite killer?

EA has released a brand new online only multiplayer game called Apex Legends. A battle royale game that takes ideas from other battle royale titles and seemingly puts them together quite well. The game is set in EA’s Titanfall universe and matches up twenty teams which consists of three players per team, each with individual skills and attributes that can help claw your squad to victory.



Apex Legends has thrown itself into the midst of some very good battle royale titles such as the well renowned Fortnite, PUBG and Blackout. Just like Fortnite, Apex Legends is a free to play Battle Royale game, which could either work to their benefit or their demise. Fortnite has an advantage of an incredibly large player base which ultimately forces the devs to constantly keep the game updated and fresh to keep the interests of the players consistently aroused. Only time will tell whether EA’s new title will have the same attention from the developers keeping their player base interested in the game.

The feel of the game is very similar to that of Call of Duty’s Blackout. The guns are satisfying to use with a seemingly reasonable punch. You can creep around the map in search for better attachments for the number of weapons on offer to decrease the kick, increase the magazine capacity or give you a satisfying quick kill rate. Where Apex Legends differ from all the other Battle Royale games are the abilities that you hero come already equipped with.



These abilities can be closely related to the FPS game Overwatch. Different powers come with each one of the eight playable classes. At the start of the game you have to pick one of the eight playable classes and each squad cant have more than one of each class at each time. Many of the classes powers have massive damage output, whether it be calling in an airstrike or seeing through walls temporarily, this can cause a massive hindrance to your enemies during the heat of battle.

Another interesting way that Apex Legends differentiates itself from the competition is a very useful pinging system. This lets any soldier look at any item, opponent or pathway on the map and marks it for everyone else to see on their HUD (heads up display). This feature is extremely useful when solo queing and you need to communicate with the other members of your squad, or if you are a premade squad, for general information and marking the next location of interest can be a handy tool to have. Instead of calling out coordinates in PUBG this is a fast and effective way to communicate with your team, either pinging certain gear, weapons, enemies and the next location on the map. A much better way of having to try and explain to your buddy over the voice comms what item you dropped and which floor of the red building with the blue roof it was dropped in.

Apex Legends

Apart from the few downsides of only having a couple heroes unlocked to play, having to either grind or spend money on a micro-transaction to unlock the other playable heroes, and only one map to play on. My only hope is that the Apex Legends developer team spends time on keeping the game balanced and up to date with more heroes and more features to come in the future. Only time will tell with this new release, but I am sure many people are excited to see what this game can do!

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