Are You Ready?

ECL Qualifiers

The ECL qualifiers are literally around the corner, kicking off with the games this weekend. There has been an unbelievable amount of positive feedback from the community and a massive amount of teams that have decided to enter into the ECL, and it makes each and every one of us excited to know that there are so many people wanting to compete in this tournament. Over 70 teams have entered into the competition thus far. This is only the beginning of the ECL though, with qualifiers kicking off it is going to be amazing to see which teams progress through the brackets and have their chance at standing toe to toe with some of the best teams in South Africa.

It is an exciting prospect to think about, having the opportunity to take on South Africa’s finest CS: GO players. There certainly is not a lack of talent in the South African esports scene, and I for one am excited to see what this tournament has to offer, as I am sure that everyone is extremely excited to see the results that are to follow. 

This weekend from the 19th to the 21st is going to be a jam-packed weekend of some serious CS action. If you have missed out on any of the awesome videos released by ECL, check them out below and get some hype before the games start.

Keep an eye on the blog on the upcoming weeks for more news on the ECL, updates, and some exclusive scoops. 

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