ASUS peripherals: Oh boy, it's pretty in pink.

PNK LTD Peripherals

Oh ASUS, how you consistently surprise us with unbelievable quality. As I have mentioned before, ASUS is, no doubt a very reputable gaming company. Known for making elite hardware with unrivalled detail and quality.
Now before I start giving my opinion on all the individual products, I would like to mention how ASUS always finds a way to surprise me. Not only with their gaming peripherals, but with every product they seem to release. There is this sense of precision and careful thought that goes into every single one of their products. So, thank you ASUS, for being a consistent force to be reckoned with. 
I got the privilege to have an up-close and personal look at the PNK LTD edition peripherals. Here are my honest thoughts about each product that I got to test out vigorously.

PNK LTD mousepad
ASUS ROG Sheath PNK LTD Gaming Mousepad:
It is an extra-large mouse pad coming in at 900 x 400 x 3mm and is optimized for all mouse types. To put it simply, this is a really big mousepad that has an incredibly smooth cloth surface, and offers pinpoint tracking and control no matter what mouse you use on the surface. Plus, the overall look of the mousepad is stunning (like most of the products that ASUS produces) with a light pink covering a quarter of the top left going in a diagonal direction and a thin white stripe dividing the light pink into a light grey colour. It is gorgeous. It is not only designed to look good in your setup though, but its beauty is also merely just an added extra to the performance the surface can offer you. From casual to competitive gameplay, everyone can benefit from using this mousepad.

PNK LTD mouse

ASUS ROG Gladius II Origin PNK LTD Gaming Mouse: 
The Gladius II PNK edition surprised me the most. It has a beautiful blush pink colour with a lighter grey along the sides of the mouse. The biggest surprise of this mouse, in particular, was the shape, and the way this mouse fits into my hand. It was as if this mouse was made specifically for my hand and my grip. I have 21 x 11cm hands (measuring from the tip of my middle finger to the base of my palm, and from just below my pinky across to the end of my thumb), and I have a unique claw hybrid grip. Getting a second opinion from someone who had much smaller hands who used a palm grip and they had the exact same experience. The overwhelming comfort that the shape and ergonomic design offers make the Gladius II by far one of the most comfortable gaming mice that I have felt in a long time.
In terms of buttons, they were crisp and responsive in FPS games such as CS: GO, Overwatch, and Battlefield. The same can be said for MOBA games. With the extremely comfortable shape and the crisp, clean pressing buttons make this a dream to use. The Gladius is also an optical gaming mouse, so there is never a reason to worry about unreliable tracking or flick shots.

PNK LTD Headset

ASUS ROG Strix Fusion 300 PNK LTD Gaming Headset:
The headset did feel a little hefty when I first took it out the box, but I say hefty in the best way possible. It felt sturdy, no out of the ordinary creaks or cracks and the finish... my goodness. ASUS really did hit the nail on the head with this colour scheme. Once I had adjusted the headset to the abnormally large melon of mine, I could immediately feel the noise-cancelling at work. This has to be among the best noise-cancelling headsets I have ever personally tried on. The headset was more than a pleasurable audio experience. The sound was luxurious and spacious, and the bass was not overpowering, even for a closed-back headset (that are typically known for delivering punchy bass) the bass on the Fusion 300 was smooth and warm. The driver that is producing such astonishing sound is a 50mm driver with an airtight chamber. It doesn't end there though - on top of having amazing audio quality, you have an included plug-and-play 7.1 virtual surround sound. Now, there have been headsets that have been a little disappointing when it came to the virtual 7.1 surround sound, just like any other ASUS produced product, the 7.1 was exceptional.

PNK LTD keyboard

ASUS ROG Strix Flare PNK LTD Mechanical Gaming Keyboard (Cherry MX Reds):
Out of everything that I got the privilege to unbox, the ROG Strix Flare keyboard was by far the most aesthetically pleasing piece of the whole ensemble. Before we get to the performance of this magnificent creature, I want to take a minute to discuss the attention to detail that ASUS goes into with their products. The volume wheel on the top left of the keyboard (similar in style and feel to that of the K95 Platinum by Corsair) but the volume wheel is smooth. No jitter or creeks, just smooth as silk. The lighting was vibrant, bright, and it seemed to compliment the keyboard entirely. The top right-hand side of the board features a clear plastic with the ASUS logo in the centre. The RGB illuminates through this clear plastic and generates a tone of absolute bliss. It. Is. Gorgeous. There is literally no other way to describe how wonderful that aesthetic really is until you see it for yourself.
The keyboard stays with the overall blush pink, but a number of the keys have a light grey colour to them, and yet again, it just makes the keyboard look that much more premium. The keycaps feel solid when typing or playing games. Now the switches are the tried and tested Cherry MX Red switches that most gamers are very familiar with, no reason to go into great detail about them. They are a linear gaming switch and feel amazing when typing and gaming. But, there is a bit of a but here. For some reason, the Cherry MX switches on the Strix Flare PNK edition felt extra smooth. Almost felt like a Cherry MX Silver when I first started gaming. It was way better than I could have predicted. Whatever ASUS has done with this keyboard. I tip my hat to you.

PNK LTD combo

I have had an incredible experience using these peripherals, and without a doubt, ASUS has created some beautiful looking peripherals. The blush pink mixed in with the light grey is sublime to the eye.

If you are looking to pick up the Pink edition peripherals, click here and get your hands on some of the most stunning peripherals that any brand has to offer. The gaming market is flooded with a ton of high-end gaming peripherals at the moment. Standing out from the crowd is not easy. Unless you're ASUS, of course.

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