Bravado's road to success

Bravados Road To Success

It all started as a dream. A dream to compete against some of the best teams that the world had to offer. To reach success overseas and prove that the talent in South Africa is not to be underestimated. It all started with Project Destiny.


Project Destiny is Bravado Gaming’s initiative to send their CS:GO team to North America To compete against some of the hard hitters in the scene to learn and grow into a formidable force. It also serves to bring awareness to the variety of extraordinary talent that South Africa and the surrounding areas have to offer. This is also an opportunity for investments and bringing a degree of popularity into the South African gaming scene.

The plan was to compete at the highest level in CS:GO and compete in a number of different tournaments to showcase the incredible talent that South Africa has to offer. Since moving over to North America the boys in blue have made a noticeable impact in the scene. Bravado fought to victory and came first in both the ESEA MDL Season 27 and 28. An incredible showing at the EPICENTER 2018 North America Open Qualifier #3 taking second place and taking first place in the EPICENTER 2018 North America Open Qualifier #4. With the most outstanding performance coming from the Dreamhack Open Winter 2018 tournament, beating the likes of Optic Gaming and G2, and just falling short to ENCE and taking second place in the final!


There has been such a massive sense of pride and unity across the South African gaming scene, this is more than just a team from South Africa making an impact overseas. Although they are defying all odds and proving that they are a force to be feared and respected, they are bringing a breath of fresh air to all those that are putting in all the hard  work everyday to make it in the eSports industry. A feeling of hope has flooded over all their fans, watching Bravado finally getting the credit and praise that they deserve. As a competitive CS:GO player seeing Bravado rise in the ranks and reach a rating of 27th in the world standings on is truly inspiring.