Cloud Gaming: The Google Stadiard

Google Stadia

We've spoken about this before, but here's something new to what we know: Google's Stadia app is available now on the Google Play store. It is a little while before the launch date, so be aware that the app is currently available, but not 'live'. So what this means is that you will be able to download the app, but you will need to wait for the Invite Codes to be sent out by Google, once the app goes live on November 19th.

Stadia Connectivity
Now on to the meat of the matter.
When you think of the Cloud system, you tend to think of storage solutions, cloud-based data and the like. Some companies have come up with other ideas, so when Netflix thinks of the Cloud system, they decided to store and stream movies. When Google thinks of the Cloud system, it looked at Netflix and said, "Well, let's do it with games!"
With this in mind, we're keeping an eye out for later in this month when Google will be launching Stadia, with initial support for several Chrome OS tablets, and a few others. On top of these initial tablets and devices, anything running Google Chrome browser will have access, as well as TVs with Chromecast Ultra. As we saw Stadia running on a Mac at the 2019 Game Developers Conference (GDC), Google will also be bringing an iOS version of the Stadia app in due time around 2020, all to connect up to their streaming service through the data centres.

Stadia Remote
While buying the Stadia controller will not be a requirement for playing on Stadia later on, for the initial release you will require the Stadia controller to play on a TV using Chromcast Ultra. Wireless gaming with the controller will also be limited to use with the Chromecast Ultra option, and other devices will require a wired connection. We will, of course, be able to play without the controller later on, as seen at GDC 2019. Google plans to roll out more of these functions in 2020, and we can't wait to see what else they have in store for us.

Stadia remote control
The Stadia controller certainly does come with a couple of features that are worth mentioning, though. It comes with WiFi connectivity, which means that the controller is connecting directly to the data centre that's running the game, reducing all kinds of input lag. This feature also allows your controller to switch easily between devices, so even if you need to leave your rig, you don't need to put your game on hold! You'll notice a Capture button, which works much as you'd expect with a similar function to the PS4's Share button. Stadia Capture will upload your content to YouTube, which is excellent news for ease-of-access to streaming and posting. The other button standing out on the Stadia is a crazy-cool feature. It's the Google Assistant. With Stadia emphasising ease in switching between the game and other programs, the idea would be to use Google Assistant for things like game guides. Are you struggling with that boss in Nioh 2? Smash that Google Assistant button and check out game guides before switching seamlessly back into the game for your next attempt.

Are you excited for Google Stadia? We sure are. Leave your comments on our social media and join with the hype.

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