COD: Modern Warfare - Is this a dream?

  • May 31, 2019
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COD Modern Warfare 2019

Okay, it is official. Call of Duty is bringing the Modern Warfare iteration back to life. I don’t know about all of you, but my favorite Call of Duty games all have “Modern Warfare” tied to it. Even though this new Call of Duty - Modern Warfare doesn't have a big “4” slapped behind its name does not mean that this is a remastered version of an older Modern Warfare, no. This is a completely new game it just happens to have the name, Call of Duty Modern Warfare.



Now first things first, there is a campaign. Now this may seem like a trivial thing to some, but with Black Ops 4 opting to not have the campaign and instead introduced a Battle Royale game mode, which made sense at the time seeing as though the Battle Royale genre was or rather is one of the most popular game genres at the time. Call of Duty has decided to make some pretty bold choices when it comes to the campaign of Modern Warfare 2019, according to the website, stating that it is going to be edgy, culturally relevant and thought provoking. Now this seems like a pretty bold statement but from what we can see from the trailer (see above) it seems like these statements appear to be true. Probably one of the most exciting aspects for Modern Warfare fans, Capt. Price has returned!

With the release of this “re-imagined” Modern Warfare there are some really interesting additions that are coming along with it. Things like: cross-platform compatibility which I feel is a massive step forward for the COD franchise and - now hold on tight because this is a big one - no season pass. The team have decided to launch a cross-platform play to try and unite the entire community and allow for people who play on console and PC to enjoy the game together. In addition to the cross-platform play, the season pass will fall away so that the team will be able to launch more free maps, free content and post-launch events to all the players that love the game.

COD 2019

Another aspect that the COD team is working on giving us, apart from the single player campaign is a new cooperative game mode that will feature strategic co-op missions that you can play with friends, this will be accessible to all players with different skill ratings.

Just like Black Ops 4, Modern Warfare will be exclusively available on by Blizzard. The expected release date is October 25th 2019 and I am really excited to see some more gameplay footage before its release. I think that COD is taking the right step in revitalizing this franchise, for most COD fans the Modern Warfare iterations were their favourite. Keep an eye out for any more updates regarding the new Modern Warfare game and any gameplay videos will be posted right here!

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