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Intel Core i7 Laptops & Notebooks

Intel Core i7 Laptops & Notebooks

If you're looking for maximum performance and the latest technology then look no further than the Intel Core i7 Laptops. These laptops are the leaders of mobile computing.

The Core i7 Laptops offer an HD experience like never before thanks to their innovative high-definition visuals. Intel Core i7 Laptops have been designed to deliver maximum processing power, allowing you to effortlessly charge through tasks, play games, edit films, create music and so much more.

With the powerful Core i7 processor you are getting true quality and reliability on the move. The Core i7 laptops offer unrivaled performance and are guaranteed to handle any task you can throw at it.

Core i7 Laptops (64) 

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Intel Core i7 Laptops & Notebooks

i7 Laptops

Intel Core i7 laptops provide the best experience possible in all aspects. Whether you use your laptop for business, home entertainment or gaming, no task is too great for the core i7 cpu to handle. Video or audio production, software development, graphic design... all cpu intensive tasks benefit greatly from the fastest, most efficient core i7 mobile processor on the market.

Unleash the unstoppable power of an i7 laptop to accomplish any demanding task within minutes, for the present time has room for velocity and pace, and if you don't own it, you better catch up! Prowess of i7 that brings about an enlivening HD experience, with a blend of superb graphics and amazing speed that's witnessed 'never before', is about to make the laptop enthusiasts of South Africa to be completely spell-bound. Laptops of South Africa promise to provide a computing experience of multitasking with zero-compromise. i7 processors can provide everything under the sun, and it's Hyper-Threading technology makes sure of it; advanced photo and video editing and rendering, stunning visuals, faster browsing and file transfer, smooth working of any recent software, running the newest of the games, and saving up on the battery life, just name it and you would not have any chance to regret.

All Intel Core i7 laptops make use of Hyper-Threading (HT) and turbo boost technology. HT technology is used to increase performance on multithreaded tasks. Many computing tasks take advantage of Hyper-Threading including PC games, multimedia rendering/editing applications (such as Photoshop & Autodesk) and even Web browsing. Intel Core i7 CPU’s provide the very best performance in handling multiple operations simultaneously.

Intel Quick Sync technology built into Core i7 processors, uses dedicated processing to ensure video creation and conversion is quick and easy. Working with video content and converting it for different uses can be time-consuming. Quick Sync Video greatly reduces wait-time by accelerating video encoding and decoding independently thus allowing the i7 laptop to concentrate on other tasks.