CryEngine: Ray Tracing For Everyone

CryEngine Ray Tracing

If you've been watching and listening, you'll have seen that we've emerged into an arms-race in 2019. This one's got rayguns.

Except for 2010 when Crysis 2 saw a delay for launch, the year 2019 marks the first year since 2004's Far Cry that we have not seen a single CryEngine-base game release, and there's a reason for that. The boys at CryTek have been busy putting their spin on the newest tech - Ray Tracing.

You've heard of it, you've watched Creepers undo hours of work with it. It's awesome. But what if you can't afford one of those newfangled RTX cards? What if you, quite simply, don't like NVIDIA GeForce and you just YOLO'd a Radeon card, waiting for that 'killer' whisper to pan out? Brand-fidelity is something essential to consider in the world market, and that's where CryTek jumps into the fray. Agnostic Ray Tracing.

We'll say that again: Agnostic Ray Tracing.


A little earlier this year, Intel cooperated with Wargaming, to publish the World of Tanks enCore RT demo, which is available for download now. This demo showcases Ray Tracing specifically on shadows, for all DirectX 11 graphics cards. It's a step in the right direction for the market. So where does CryTek fit into this? It's with CryEngine. Back in March at the Game Developers Conference (GDC) 2019, CryEngine V stole a pole position showcase as they revealed to the world a new real-time Ray Tracing demo.

Remember what I said about brand-fidelity? When it comes to buying things, we've all got our religion. Coke vs Pepsi, Cadbury's vs that other guy who makes chocolate, AMD vs Intel. This fidelity stands true for graphics cards, you don't always buy what's best for your wallet, but you do buy what's Best In Slot for your sweet rig. What if you just bought an epic new AMD RX 5-series, but next week Radeon Ray Tracing comes out, and it's only available on brand new RX It's-Over-9000-series GPUs? That's where the arms-race begins to bare some sweet, sweet fruits. We've said it twice already: Agnostic Ray Tracing.

RTX on

If you have a Radeon Vega 56, if you've got a GTX 1060, if you've got almost any mainstream, contemporary GPU, then CryEngine V wants to have you covered. Whatever your newer-end card is, if you're playing a game that's built-in CryEngine V, it'll have support for their own Ray Tracing. Whether your religion is AMD Radeon or NVIDIA RTX, CryEngine won't judge you. It's just going to keep on giving.

What are your thoughts on this? Are you looking forward to seeing some games on the newest CryEngine V updates? Leave us a comment on our social media, or slide into those DMs and let us know which side you're on in the race to trace.