Dell G5 Gaming laptop

A gaming laptop offers you versatility and portability giving you the freedom to work hard and play hard wherever you need to go. Why be chained down to one location when you can take the adventure with you! Dell’s G5 gaming laptop shares similar qualities to its younger brother the G3, but like most big brothers, it packs a slightly bigger punch.

The Dell G5 Gaming Laptop is one of the best Mid-Range gaming laptops that money can buy. Handling itself against some of the most demanding Triple A titles and heavy workloads. So when it comes to price for performance then you have definitely found the champion! The impressive battery life combined with the fact that the cooling is absolutely excellent inside this laptop you get a very well rounded gaming notebook!

Dell G5 Gaming Laptop

Here are the top 5 reasons as to why you should consider getting yourself the sensational G5 gaming Laptop from Dell:

  1. Sensational Specs - The G5 houses premium quality hardware and will ensure that your experience with the laptop is seamless, smooth and exciting. Dell offers you the choice to change or upgrade the specs of the already incredible base model to something that will better suit your requirements. Sporting Intel processors and NVIDIA Geforce graphics cards.
  2. Stealth Design - At first glance the G5 takes a very neutral stance in the looks department, very similar to it’s younger brother the G3, no eccentric details screaming out. Although the visual aspect of the G5 is a neutral stance, it portrays a very clean and professional quality in its appearance. The only slight hint that the G5 could give away that it’s actually a premium quality gaming machine is the beautiful coloured accent printed on the keys and around the track-pad. A lightweight discrete gaming monster, hiding behind the exquisite clean design. Let the animal out and hear the roar of the G5.
  3. Powerful Performance - When it comes to performance in game, the G5 will be your partner in crime. All new gaming releases will be tackled head on with ease, letting you focus on the more important things; getting lost in an immersive adventure.
  4. Better Battery Life - The G5 will offer you slightly better battery life when doing everyday tasks and browsing through the internet. With its great hardware it will make multitasking seamless and easy. Enjoy more with the G5.
  5. Your Money’s Worth - Dell’s G5 gaming laptop offers you high quality hardware, discrete professional design and an improved battery life to fulfill your everyday work, browsing and gaming needs. This complete package all in one premium chassis, to be your perfect workstation or gaming machine.

G5 Dell Gaming Laptop

If you are interested in picking up this gorgeous gaming machine, come on down to Evetech and get your hands on one of the best budget performers that has ever hit the market!

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