Elevating your game with good peripherals

Elevate your game with good peripherals

It's no secret that good equipment can make your life a little easier especially when it comes to gaming. But do peripherals really improve your gameplay or your experience in game. This is going to be a completely personal experience on what I have experienced using different peripherals and the effect that it had on me and my game.

To make it as simple as possible, the most basic of answer is yes. Good peripherals can absolutely elevate your game. Will it miraculously make you an amazing player? Probably not, no. But it will definitely give you an upper hand. The way that I make the comparison is that a guy that races  motorcycles for a living, he is not gonna buy a low end motorcycle to race professionally. Yes, if you’re not playing games professionally then you don't need “professional gaming equipment” but there are many, many people out there that do not race motorcycles professionally but still have the top end racing machines. And the same can apply to gaming equipment.

Whether you are just a casual gamer who wants to enjoy the immersive story of a particular game, or a competitive gamer that needs to get the most out of their peripherals to have that winning edge. There will always be something for everyone! And that's the beauty of gaming and the amount of incredible equipment out in the market.

When I first started gaming, I was using an old SteelSeries headset, an Alienware membrane keyboard and a Mad Catz RAT 5 gaming mouse with a laser sensor. I was using my TV as a monitor and a couch as my seating option. When I look back on it now I can't help but think how terrible of a set up it was, but back then I had no idea of how massive the gaming peripheral world was or the extent at which it would grow! Once I had upgraded to better peripherals I noticed a difference instantly. I played with more confidence, it felt as though I was in more control of my mouse and keyboard. How i moved my mouse perfectly reflected in game. It took my gaming to the next level.

I wanted to know if other people felt the same, if other people managed to elevate their game by using better peripherals. So I managed to corner someone long enough to ask them a couple questions pertaining to their set up and how its elevated their game. This is what they had to say:

    1. So what peripherals do you own at the moment?
      I have a Zowie EC2-A mouse, a Razer  BlackWidow Ultimate mechanical keyboard, a Sades SA-902 gaming headset and an LG 60hz monitor.
    2. What do you like most about the setup you have?
      What I like most about my setup is that I have been able to customize settings to my preference right down to the smallest details like the RGB colors on my keyboard. Personalizing my settings to fit my gaming style has allowed for me to improve my game play tremendously.
    3. What do you like the least about your setup?
      I'm very satisfied with my setup so there is very little I'm unhappy about! If I had to choose it would be my headset, the sound quality sometimes is not great but it functions perfectly and gets the job done.
    4. If you had to go back to using your old mouse and keyboard do you feel you'd play better or worse?
      I don't think I would go back to my old peripherals, aforementioned I've seen an improvement in my games play since using the new peripherals and have grown accustomed to them so if I had to go back I think my gameplay would get worse.
    5. So do you feel that having better peripherals elevated your gameplay?

      Having upgraded peripherals has improved my gameplay tremendously. Before I had the peripherals I am using now, I had a Samsung TV monitor as a screen and a second hand keyboard and mouse that still worked but had their quirks. I was using two different headsets: One for a mic and another for the headphones. Since upgrading it has been such a pleasant experience. Peripherals will affect your gameplay to a point, for instance the monitor will affect how fast you react in a game because of the time it takes to register an action. Therefore upgrading to a gaming monitor has allowed for me to have faster in game reactions. Changing to a zowie has been the best thing for my personal comfort when gaming. The size of the mouse a long with the various sensitivities you can choose from has allowed me to choose the perfect sensitivity for game play as well as have a more enjoyable experience when in game due to the lightweight and small size. With this I am able to aim much better in game while also being able to react faster. These are just two examples of how peripherals have affected my gameplay for the better. Many people say that it boils down to personal skill however I do believe that having the right peripherals for yourself will assist in reaching your highest potential along with allowing for an enjoyable experience while gaming.

It seems that there are people out there that feel exactly the same. Having good gaming peripherals that are comfortable, responsive and well suited to your gaming style will aid you in playing better. It wont turn you into a gaming God or Goddess but it will certainly carve an easier path for you.

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