Essential components for your gaming PC

Essential components you need for a gaming PC

The thought of choosing the parts to go into your brand new gaming PC can be quite a daunting one. With the endless list of components on the market it can get confusing. If it is your first time putting together a gaming PC, figuring out where to start can feel like you are swimming against the tide. But there is no need to scratch your head, staring at the screen with a puzzled look. This article will help give you an overview of the essentials that you will need to get in order to make your choices a little easier.

First off let's take a look at the primary components that you will need for your new gaming PC, and by primary components we mean all the hardware that is going to be fitted inside of your computer case. These primary components consist of:

The Motherboard

  1. The Motherboard - The motherboard has one job and that job is to connect all the main components in a PC into one functional whole. It will determine which components you will be able to install into your gaming PC and additionally how many components you can fit into your PC.
    The CPU
  2. The CPU - CPU stands for the Central Processing Unit and is essentially the brains of your PC.
    The GPU
  3. The GPU - GPU stands for the Graphics Processing Unit and they are in charge of all the graphical rendering in game.
    The RAM
  4. The RAM - RAM or Random Access Memory and your PC uses this to store information that it would need to access extremely quickly.

  5. The Storage - The internal storage of a computer is comprised of two different types of storage namely; the HDD and the SSD.
  • HDD stands for Hard Disk Drive and is the most common choice for storage due to its cheaper price and large storage capacity.
  • SSD stands for Solid State Drive and can be up to ten times faster than that of the HDD but are also slightly more expensive than the HDD counterparts.
    The PSU
  1. The PSU - The PSU or Power Supply Unit provides the necessary power to your components.
    The Case
  2. The Case - Once you have chosen all the internals of your PC you will need to house them in a case. It is all down to the components that you have chosen as to which case will best suit you, but it will come down to personal preference and how you would like your PC to look visually.

After you have all your primary components sorted out you can start looking to get yourself some secondary components for your PC. for example, your case will come with case fans already installed but if you want to optimise your cooling further you can purchase some extra case fans for your PC case.

Expansion cards and adapters can also be purchased to further increase your user experience, such as: sound cards, internal modems (Wi-Fi adapters) as well as various input and output devices.

Gaming Peripherals are also something that you might want to look at getting to get the most out of your gaming PC. A list of essential gaming peripherals to include would be:

  • A gaming mouse
  • A gaming keyboard
  • A gaming headset
  • A mouse pad
  • And a gaming monitor.

These products are all down to preference and what type of games you will be playing.

So these are all the parts that you would need to bring your gaming PC to life. The beauty of having so many different products on the market is that you have an abundance of choice to make your gaming PC unique to your own style.

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