Ex Astris CS:GO: A closer look

Ex Astris interview

Recently I got the opportunity to ask a couple of questions and speak to a player and the owner of the team Ex Astris. They managed to beat four teams in the qualifiers, including Sinister5, to make it to where they are now. 

There was hardly any information on this underdog team and we wanted to find out a little more about them and what they represent. 

“Ex Astris is a growing Multi-Gaming Organisation dedicated to helping gamers. We have set out on a journey to create an MGO which is different from any other, not only are we a clan but we serve as a public non-profit organization dedicated to assisting the esports community. We started out as a community called Mars Bars Gaming but the name did not suit our dream, Ex Astris means from the stars which are more suitable to our dreams as a multi-gaming organization.”

In an interview with CaptMarsBars (the owner of Ex Astris), I asked him about the state of the esports scene in South Africa and his opinion on how they want to help South African esports players grow. From spending a few hours with CaptMarsBars and DMS (the in-game leader) I could tell that their passion for the game, as well as their desire to get their name out there, is important to them as an organization. I am sure that they are overwhelmed with happiness for achieving what they have already, but the hunger for more is obvious in their demeanor. 


Here are just some highlights from the interview with Ex Astris owner CaptMarsBars:

Evetech: Hi there, thank you for seeing us today. So there is not much information out there about you guys, so we were wondering who exactly Ex Astris is and how you plan on helping the competitive players in South Africa? 

CaptMarsBars: Howsit, thank you for having us. Well as Ex Astris we started small which is why you can't find a lot of information out there as you know. We started off developing a CS:GO team as we felt its the more popular FPS gaming in South Africa, and I feel that they have done exceptionally well up till now. The biggest thing with Ex Astris is, we want to help gamers succeed. Yes, help the community as a whole, but we want to help individuals find their place in the scene. 

Evetech: You guys had to beat four teams in order to get to where you are now, congratulations by the way, but one of those teams was Sinister5. How did you feel when you got that news?


CaptMarsBars: Thank you! When I heard the news I was just taken aback, you know. You don't expect something like that it's just, Woah, we are dealing with some serious market here. Well done!


Evetech: What are the future plans for Ex Astris? What are you looking to achieve as an organization? 


CaptMarsBars: Right now we are just trying to get our name out there as an organization. We want people to see the star and say “That is Ex Astris!”. We do have a 5-year plan and a 10-year plan for the organization as well as a 1-year plan, but our main priority right now is to try and get partners on board and establish our name out there. 


Evetech: Lastly, in your opinion, what do you think are the biggest factors that are holding South Africa esports back?

CaptMarsBars: I think that it has more to do with the negative connotation around esports. The older generation and other people saying that you cannot be playing games for 8 hours a day and make a living out of that. But, you have that Fornite guy winning 3 million dollars - it's ridiculous - So I think it has more to do with breaking that negative connotation and informing people that this career choice is a viable option. 


It was an honor being able to speak to CaptMarsBars about his organization and the future plans that he has for the org and his players. You can see the passion that he carries with him and the genuine concern for South African players. Many people are quick to say that they want to make a change in the South African gaming community, but they always lose sight of the players. The players are what make the community and hearing how Ex Astris want to ensure that they focus on individuals getting their shot. It is inspirational. 

We also got a chance to talk to Michael “DMS” Jonker, the in-game leader for Ex Astris, about the preparation that they made to qualify as well as what they have planned for their future games.

DMS was extremely happy to have made it through the qualifiers, especially beating Sinister5. In terms of the strategy that was used to get them out of the qualifiers DMS jokingly mentioned, “I can’t really tell you what strategy we used, because we didn’t really have one.” From what we can tell, the team must really be buckling down and synergizing well to take Sinister5 head-on and come out victorious. DMS also mentions that he was hoping to match up against Sinister5 as his brother used to play for the team so there is a little internal rivalry between DMS and the Sin5 team. 

Evetech: Your next game coming up is against Goliath Gaming, it is obviously no secret that they are a brilliant team. What is your plan going into that game? 


DMS: As I mentioned before, we don't really have a set strategy. When it comes to Goliath we want to try and be as resistant as possible. They are the type of team that once they find traction and start running over you there will be a massive gap in the scoreline. Our best bet is to fight them round by round. 

I respect all the players on Goliaths’ squad, they are an extremely confident team and that plays a massive part in their success. We will just need to exploit their weaknesses, brush up on our anti-strats and play our game to the best of our abilities. 


It was an incredible honor to meet both CaptMarsBar as well as DMS and them allowing the barrage of questions that we threw their way. We all have a feeling that this underdog team has so much potential and no matter the results, they have solidified themselves as a top contending team. We wish them the best of luck in the upcoming games and hope to see this team more in the future. 


Could Ex Astris be the next top South African CS:GO team? Check out all the action live this weekend and see your favorite teams battle head to head with South Africas most elite CS:GO teams. 

You can catch all the action live on either:

Or alternatively, you can see all the action pop off on GINX, channel 127 on DSTV.


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