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Fortnite: Ninjas game winning tips

Best Fortnite Player Ninja's Tips to Becoming a Fortnite Battle Royale Pro

Earlier this year, none other than Richard Tyler ‘Ninja’ Belvins laid out his exclusive Fortnite battle royale strategy. If you do not know who is Richard Tyler Belvins, a.k.a, Ninja, he is Twitch’s most popular streamer. A large part of his popularity is fuelled by streaming Fortnite live. If you are looking to improve upon your Fortnite game, this is the best chance you have – brought to you by the mighty Ninja!

Start of the Match

To start off, the place of your landing is easily the most important part of the game. By all estimates, if you want to win the game and not just slay the blood out of everyone around you, you should land some distance away from the route of the party bus. The spot should usually be raided by not more than two of three other players. Here, you should have plenty of opportunities to loot houses and look around the area. You can also use the early seclusion to farm some materials.

Note that starting somewhat off-centre does not guarantee smooth trotting around the park. You must be prepared for combat while you close in toward the circle of the playing area. For example, you loot a dead player and find some shields. At the same time, you hear the sound of another player approaching. Consume the shield as soon as you can irrespective of how good a weapon you have.

Ninja identifies one important aspect of Fortnite battle royale that makes it different from many other battle royale games. He says as you rotate in toward the center, it is extremely important that you keep busy doing something. You must always check behind you, loot, build ramps, farm materials and do just about anything other than wasting materials.

The secret of Fortnite battle royale is that the player with the most materials has the best chance of winning the game.     

During the game

The ballpark estimate is that the mid-game starts when the first circle is completely closed in. Once you are rotating away from the storm and approaching the centre of the map, you should be very cautious. At this time, players from other populated areas that fall off the centre will also be moving out. Sometimes, it pays off to stay at the edge of the circle. That way, you will be protected from one side totally and can focus on all that is in front of you.

The middle stage of the game is also the most unpredictable. It can be either packed to the hilt with unspeakable action. And there as just as much chances that it will be insanely dull. The best chances to score kills favour a player staying near the edge of the circle and waiting for kills.

The smartest way to win is to move toward the centre of the next circle as soon as possible. Many players wrongly believe that you must fight back when taking fire. But that is hardly the case. With enough materials, you can easily cause the enemy to disengage and rotate away. The only real enemy here is laziness. If an enemy has the advantage of higher ground, never lose sight of them. Use the mats to get cover and escape as soon as possible. The more you try to win the one-on-one battle there, the lesser your chances of coming out alive.

In case you lose all your shields, run into an area that has been looted already. You can only hope that the looter was lazy and missed some key stuff which you can make use of.

When there’s a few players left

Once you have made it to the last stages of the game, you can almost smell the taste of victory. It becomes more and more important to not lose focus at this stage. The second circle has shrunk in fully and you can outrun the storm easily since there is lot lesser ground to cover. However, the storm in the later stages of the game is more powerful than ever. Even a few seconds of exposure can deal deadly damage.

If you are outside the safe area, the first and only priority for that moment should be to get back into the safe area. This will keep you from unwanted fights that inevitably result in the death of both players outside the safe area. Again, with enough materials, you can easily block a couple of players and deal with the speeding storm.

The most important thing is to never stand still and challenge an enemy.

When the circle is so small, you can only expect good players to have made it this far. You can expect all these players to have loaded snipers. In case you are focussing a lot on rotating players or players fighting one another, you make yourself extremely vulnerable. Even a small peek at the outside world would be enough for a sniper to pick you out.       

The wisest thing to do is pick only those fights that you are absolutely certain of winning. If you are going to be the best, make sure all other lines of sight are blocked off when you are shooting at an enemy.

On your way to victory

The most widely tested strategy to win a game is to wait safely at your 1x1 game and wait for other players to bring the fight to you. When you trust your game enough, rush into other players while they’re in the middle of combat. In all likelihood, you will score a kill before the player has a chance to heal.

You can also use other players engaged in combat as a distraction and continue to rotate into the safe zone if you land outside of it again. If you have the high ground near the end of the game, you should easily secure a win.

Be patient near the end of the game. Place yourself strategically and wait for your opponent to make a mistake. For one, once you strike a blow or two, make sure to not grant them an opportunity to heal again.