Get to know your Legend

Apex Legends has already made its stance at being one of the more unique Battle Royale games that have come out, and it has certainly kicked off 2019 with a huge uproar. One of the many attributes that make Apex Legends a unique gaming experience is the fact that you are able to select one of 8 Legends (heroes) to play each round. Offering a really good variety in terms of skills and bringing an awesome background in character.

We are going to go through each playable Legend that is on offer right now, with more Legends to come in future releases. But for now, mastering one or many of the Legends on offer could mean the difference in understanding what your opponents are capable of as well as knowing your own limitations in the battlefield.




Role in the battlefield: Technological Tracker

Bloodhounds Passive Ability: Tracker - Your enemies leave behind clues that only Bloodhound can see, whether it be footprints, looted items or if someone recently used a zipline. Use these little clues and communicate them to your squad to set up a trap or a plan of attack.

Active Ability: Eye of the Allfather - When you activate this ability it will reveal the location of enemies, traps and clues that are nearby. You can use this ability when you are in a building to see your enemies through walls for a brief period of time.

Ultimate Ability: Beast of the Hunt - once you activate Bloodhounds Ultimate Ability it turns you into the most ultimate hunter. It turns your screen grey and highlights cold tracks and enemies in bright red so you cannot miss them. The Ultimate Ability also increases your movement speed drastically so you can chase down those pesky low healthed enemies trying to escape for cover.

Bloodhound can be related to Widowmaker from Overwatch, not because he has the potential to one shot most other heroes but because her Ultimate Ability allows for you to see enemies through the walls.




Role in the battlefield: Interdimensional Skirmisher

Wraiths Passive Ability: Voices from the Void - When Wraith gets close to any sort of danger, voices in her head warn her. Being able to pick up on her voice line you can quickly communicate with your teammates that there could be enemies lurking around close by!

Active Ability: Into the Void - Enter a :void: where you can quickly move out of the way of gunfire or someones Ultimate Ability. While you are on this Void state you are unable to take any damage!

Ultimate Ability: Dimensional Rift - When you use your Ultimate Ability as Wraith you create a portal like rift that anyone can use to get from one location to another. The portal lasts a total of 60 seconds and can give you and your squad a chance to flank an enemy with a chance to escape quickly and reposition if you need to. It can also be used to escape a fight that you feel you are going to lose.

Wraith can be thought to be like Tracer, but instead of having Tracers extremely fast blinks and recall you have a tear in the dimension that you can use as a portal to quickly outflank and evade your enemies. You can also activate your Ultimate Ability and run up to 15 seconds while the ability is activated before linking the two ends of the portal, this can cover a great distance for the perfect bait and switch.




Role in the battlefield: Shielded Fortress

Passive Ability: Gun Shield - When you have any weapon equipped and you aim down sight at an enemy a small shield will pop out giving you that little extra protection when taking a gun fight. This is sort of similar to that of Blackbeard from Rainbow Six Siege.

Active Ability: Dome of Protection - When you activate this ability you throw down a device that creates a medium sized shield dome around you, protecting you from all incoming enemy fire. This can be useful when you need to revive a teammate or throw down some heals for yourself. The shield dome lasts for a total of fifteen seconds.

Ultimate Ability: Defensive Bombardment - When you activate this ability, Gibraltar equips a type of smoke grenade which you can throw towards your enemies as an offensive ultimate or use it as you are running away to deter enemies from following you. The smoke then signals a concentrated mortar strike on the area that you marked with the smoke grenade.

Gibraltar can be seen as the tank of the team, providing his squad mates with protection against enemy fire. The dome like shield that Gibraltar places down is very similar to that of Winston's shield in Overwatch. A big beefy man that can provide the adequate protection for his team.




Role in the Battlefield: Professional Soldier

Passive Ability: Doubletime - When Bangalore takes fire while she is sprinting she gets a boost of movement speed in order to evade her attackers.

Active Ability: Smoke Launcher - When activated Bangalore pulls out a rocket launcher type gun and fires a smoke canister in the direction that you are aiming, the canister splits into three and creates a wall of smoke on impact. This is useful to either split your enemies up or used as cover to revive teammates or heal yourself.

Ultimate Ability: Rolling Thunder - When activated Bangalore calls in an artillery strike that rolls across the landscape.

Bangalore is a straightforward Legend with simple abilities that are extremely effective in the field. Her Ultimate Ability is similar to that of Gibraltar but has a more spread out effect over Gibraltars focussed Ultimate.




Role in the Battlefield: Medic

Passive Ability: Combat Medic - Lifeline has the ability to revive fallen teammates quicker with a protective shield that pops up, as well as use healing items 25% faster.

Active Ability: D.O.C Heal Drone - The Drone of Compassion or DOC for short, can be placed down and links to your squadmates to heal them and yourself over time. This can come in handy after a fight with another squad so you can save those essential medkits for when you really need them.

Ultimate Ability: Care Package - Lifelines Ultimate Ability calls in a care package to be delivered to her and her squad. The care Package contains good defensive gear.

It is always useful to have a medic in your squad to keep your team healed and ready for the next fight. Lifeline feels like an essential pick in every game of Apex Legends.




Role in the Battlefield: Toxic Trapper

Passive Ability: Nox Vision - Whenever enemies are moving through your gas, Caustic will have vision of those enemies.

Active Ability: Nox Gas Trap - Caustic can place down little traps of Nox gas around the map up to six canisters. The traps can be triggered manually by shooting them or triggered by an enemy.

Ultimate Ability: Nox Gas Grenade - Caustics Ultimate Ability blankets a large area in Nox gas, disorientating your enemies and giving vision to Caustic.

Caustic is an interesting Legend and reminds us of Overwatch's Reaper, not because they play the same but because of their intense voice lines and love for death! It proves that not all heros are good.




Role in the Battlefield: Forward Scout

Passive Ability:  Insider Knowledge - Pathfinder can access survey beacons that are located around the map which reveals the rings next location. Giving him (or her) and their squadmates the inside knowledge of where to go next.

Active Ability: Grappling Hook - Pathfinder has the unique ability to have a grappling hook, allowing him to get to hard to reach places easily.

Ultimate Ability: Zipline Gun - Although only Pathfinder can use his grappling hook, his Ultimate Ability allows for his whole squad to get to the heard to reach locations.

Pathfinder is not as commonly picked as a support player like Lifeline, but Pathfinder can be a good pick for certain team compositions.




Role in the Battlefield: Holographic Trickster

Passive Ability: Encore! - Mirage automatically drops a decoy when he gets knocked down by the enemy and cloaks himself for five seconds so the enemy cannot see him.

Active Ability: Psyche Out - When activated Mirage sends out a decoy of himself running in the direction that you’re aiming, this confuses the enemy and can distract them for long enough for you to take advantage.

Ultimate Ability: Vanishing Act - Mirages Ultimate Ability deploys a team of decoys while he goes invisible. This can be used as a means of distraction to get a quick escape or fool your enemies in an attack.


Pick the Apex Legend that fits your play-style the best and master them on the battlefield! Become the champion with your Legend!

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