GTX 1660 Ti: Mid-range Monster

GTX 1660 Ti GPU

Last week we saw the release of the new GeForce GTX 1660 Ti graphics card from NVIDIA targeting the mid-range market and actually doing a surprisingly good job of it. After the relatively luke-warm release of the RTX range of GPUs the GTX 1660 Ti has actually caused a few waves in the pond. Some pretty good waves.

There is no doubt that the RTX card still reign supreme as the Gods of NVIDIA GPUs, but the new GTX offers users a little something different. A GPU that will show up the older generations like yesterdays take out. Introducing the brand new GeForce GTX 1660 Ti. the mid range market for exceptional GPUs were dominated by the old Pascal range, but now, with the promising Turing Shaders introduced into the exceptional Graphics Card people can expect a drastic increase in performance when they are in game.


Whether you are going to be tackling the newest triple A titles or clashing against your friends online, they will be no match for you and your innovative GTX 1660 Ti. But, this GPU is not only good for dominating your foes online, no, this GPU will handle all the hardest workloads that you can possibly think to throw at it! From heavy rendering to programming, the GTX 1660 Ti can do it all!

When comparing the GTX 1660 Ti to the older generation 1060, it packs a considerable bigger punch. Which begs the question, is it really worth to upgrade from a 960 or 1060, even the 1070 GPU to the brand new 1660 Ti? With the Turing Architecture that they have implemented in the new 1660 and the very impressive performance boost, in all honesty, it would be a perfectly liable upgrade. You can guarantee to see an increase in performance in game. If you're looking to build a gaming PC from scratch and you have no interest in going for the RTX technology like Ray Tracing, then the GTX 1660 Ti is the perfect choice for you. With NVIDIA deciding not to go with a founders edition card, it has allowed for the different manufactures are able to produce their own flavor with the new release. With their own flavors being produced NVIDIA has ensured that the manufactures stick to the same specs across the board.  

MSI 1660 Ti Gaming Z

When it comes to value for money, or performance to price combination, the GTX 1660 Ti is definitely one that deserves to be recognized, and with no competition from AMD t0 counter the release of the 1660 Ti you can definitely recognise that the new release from NVIDIA is definitely worth it. Yes, the RTX 2080 TI is still the big daddy of graphics cards, the 1660 Ti is certainly nothing to take lightly.

Game, record and stream with the 1660 Ti and you will feel the massive difference it has over the older generation GPUs. enhancing your gaming experience and taking your content to a new level. You certainly won't be the only one gaining from making this decision!

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