How to choose the right GPU

Right GPU

With all the GPUs that are hitting the market it can be difficult to decide on one GPU that will suit all your specific needs. Whether you are looking for a GPU to be a pure gaming beast one to take on certain light games and get through occasional work tasks, there is always something ready and waiting for you! But finding a range of graphics cards that meet your budget is just the beginning.

There is no specific solution that will work for every single person out there, as like many things in gaming it comes down to a personal choice of whether or not you like the product. Here is a list of things to consider when you're purchasing a brand new graphics card, but baring in mind that it will come down to personal preference. Hopefully this will help encourage your decision.

Size and Connectivity

Size and Connectivity

There are people that will argue that the bigger the GPU the better it is. Although this may be true in the sense that the larger cards are able to cool down more efficiently and operate a little more silent than that of smaller cards, the deciding factor for the size of your GPU comes down to spacing. Will that GPU fit inside your gaming case? That's the question you need to ask yourself before purchasing the GPU of your dreams.

The size of the card isn't the only issue, but weight is another contributing factor. Although a heavier card could mean better parts, especially in terms of cooling, for example: Copper heatsinks are much better than aluminium heat sinks but copper is much heavier. A heavier GPU will put much more strain on the motherboard and in some instances the GPU could but so much strain on your motherboards expansion slot that it could cause it to bend and sag. If you travel a lot with your PC, to lans or friends places the constant travelling could cause the weight of the GPU to bend the expansion slot.

In terms of connectivity issues, before you purchase a GPU you should also check the type of connections they have to connect to your monitor. Some of the newer GPUs come out with HDMI and DisplayPort connections but if you have an older monitor that does not support that kind of connection and instead needs a DVI-D connection, this could be a slight problem. So be sure that you are able to connect your monitor or monitors to your brand new GPU.

The last issue when it comes to connectivity is that of the power requirements. If you have a power supply that can only handle 6 pin connectors and your new GPU takes a dual 8 pin connection then you are going to need a new PSU. But most Power Supplies are able to handle the 8 pin connections that come with most modern PSUs. Another factor is how much power your new GPU will draw. Having the necessary power delivery is important.


Quick Summary: You will need to make sure that you are looking for a GPU that will fit in your computer and that the GPU has the desired connections for your monitors and ensure that you have a powerful enough PSU in order to generate enough juice for your GPU. Even if you find a GPU that is one hell of a deal. You need to make sure that it will meet all the requirements first. 


Speed, Cooling and Noise

Many people will put an emphasis on the clock speeds of certain cards, although clock speeds are really important on a GPU it isn't the only thing that you need to focus on. Some overclocked cards could cost you the same as the next tier of GPUs. For example: an overclocked 1660 Ti could cost the same as an RTX 2060. But in this case the RTX 2060 will have newer technology, similar clock speeds, more cores and more memory bandwidth making the RTX 2060 a smarter purchase overall.

Although, in the same breath, overclocked cards that come from the factory do offer better cooling solutions for the cars to reach higher clock speeds, so it isn't all bad news. That's where it all comes down to personal preference and style, and whether the card will fit into your PC.

The higher your GPU can ramp up means it will generate more heat, which in turn means that the fans on the GPU need to spin faster in order to keep the GPU cool and running optimally. All this means that the card will generate a ton of noise within your PC case. Although the noise is a good sign, meaning the fans are working, it can also be very disconcerting hearing the unbearable hum coming from your PC.

With the GPU fans working overtime in order to keep the optimum performance can generate a substantial amount of heat in your PC case, ensuring that you have ventilation as well as intake and exhaust fans in your PC is crucial in order to remove all the hot air from your PC. This can also generate more noise as the fans spin. Looking for a quieter fan may cost a little more but will be worth it.


Quick Summary: Clock speeds really do matter when it comes to a GPU, but in some cases the difference in performance between a lower and higher model is only by a couple of percent. Make sure you read all the specifics between different manufactures before coming to a conclusion. Try ensure you have fantastic cooling and the proper fans over clock speed.



Many people aren't concerned on what their GPU looks like once it is in the case. Then again there are people that want to take pride of the purchases that they have made. Wanting to showcase the excellent lines and lucious angles of their brand new GPU. Having the right style and a splash of RGB can make the world of difference when the GPU is in your case. If you are building a themed PC you cannot have gold mixed in with a black and red theme. First thing that can transform your PC build is the lighting.

When it comes to the RGB lighting it can come in different forms. It could be just the logo that lights up, or it could have RGB fans, or both. But in order to customise the lighting you will need to download the software from the manufacturer. You can easily style your GPU to match the colour of your entire build and make everything sync if you are a fan of one specific brand.

It can be more than just the lights that make your setup look fantastic. For example if you are going with a black and green theme build, having a bright pink GPU might not be the greatest investment, but then again, its all down to personal preference.


Quick Summary: You are the only one that can decide how important the visual aesthetics of your PC build should be. It will all come down to personal preference and how much you want your build to synchronise and stand out!

Just remember that everyone is different, it is always good to seek for advice with the salesmen and ask for personal opinions in order to narrow down your search. Create a shortlist of the cards your really admire and do the appropriate research around those GPUs to figure out which one will be better suited for you!


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