Internet issues wreaking havoc for South African Gamers

Internet rage

There are so many gamers in South Africa thinking, "As if the Internet in South Africa wasn't bad enough already..."
South African's across the country, both gamers and casual users alike, have been experiencing an array of different problems. Ranging from random disconnects from game servers, failing to load, problems connecting to online servers as well as extremely unstable ping and packet loss.

Users that are with providers such as Afrihost, Axxess and Openserve have reported experiencing issues from about Thursday 16th of January. The cables (SAT3 and WACS) linking the African continent to the European continent are faulty and are the reason for the majority of Internet users experiencing terrible connection and high ping. For you gamers out there, it is not all bad news though. You can connect using a VPN to connect to certain game servers that you have been struggling to connect to. Although you might still have high latency, the packet loss will be drastically improved.

Here are the official tweets from REN Alerts keeping us informed of the status of the situation, or rather, lack thereof.

Tweet from REN Alerts

Tweet REN Alerts update

If the slow internet and the increase in connectivity issues and packet loss was not frustrating enough. Mother nature had to throw a spanner in the works by announcing some extremely bad weather conditions in the Western Cape - which just so happens to be the location of a boat - a boat that is supposed to fix the cable breaks. They are unable to leave the Cape Town docks due to the extreme weather conditions, which is supposed to subside in the next day or two so that they can make their way to the coast of Congo to repair the broken cables. More news that might cause a major "oof" moment is the fact that the repairs could take several weeks to complete. So buckle up lads and ladies, this could be a very bumpy couple of weeks.


Are you being affected by the Internet blackout happening right now? If so, what are you missing out on the most?

Let us know in the comments!



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