Interview with Tyler "Adaro" Oliver from Goliath Gaming

Interview with Adaro

We recently had the opportunity to sit down and talk to Tyler “Adaro” Oliver. He is a member of the Goliath Gaming CS:GO team that is currently competing in the Evetech Champions league. We asked him a few questions and he had some insightful answers.





Tell us a little more about yourself and a bit more about the role that you play in Goliath Gaming?


My full name is Tyler James Oliver and i am 18 years old. I am currently in matric. I have always had a passion for gaming, it started when I was really young. I think the biggest influence for my passion for gaming comes from my moms job. She is part if the rAge management team so i have been going to rAge for a really long time so I feel that is where I picked up my passion for gaming.

I joined GG (Goliath Gaming) almost 3 months ago. In my previous team I was the lurker/clutcher and when I joined GG I got placed into more of  a support role which helps my team hugely, rather than playing as a lurker/clutcher. In previous teams I was an AWPer but as I moved into GG between myself, massacRe and stYle the AWP is moved around. It all depends on the situation that we are in or the map that we are playing.


When was the first time you played CS?


I started playing CS about 3 and half years ago casually with friends. My friends and I would spend the majority of our time playing community servers such as ‘surf’, ‘kz’ and movement servers in general.

Only after about a year a group of us decided that we should start a team. We started playing DGL and had a lot of fun doing it. And that’s when I realized I wanted to become a competitive player at the top of our scene.


Did you instantly decide that you would want to play competitively?


Once we started playing our first DGL matches I instantly picked up how fun it was to play competitively.

I then started putting much more time into CSGO – into practicing my aim, smokes and overall game knowledge. I always looked up towards Bravado and tried to get into as many PUG games as possible with them to see how they played and learn from them.


How much of a grind is competing at the highest level in CS:GO? How many hours a week are you playing and practicing CS:GO?


The grind is very high. If you slack off just a little bit without practicing as a team or as an individual you will fall behind, so yes the grind is real.

My hours recently have been lower than normal because of matric and I am averaging about 50 hours in the last two weeks. During the holidays or when I have a lot of time I average about 80 – 90 hours in two weeks.


Do you need the best PC, mouse, keyboard and other gear to play CS:GO competitively?


I had the same equipment for over two years and once I joined GG I was given a new mouse, keyboard and mouse pad. After using the old equipment for such a long time and comparing it to the new equipment I can confidently say that it is way better if you have the best PC, mouse, keyboard and other gear to play CSGO competitively.

In my opinion I think a 144hz monitor helped me the most in playing at this level. Going from a 60hz monitor to a 144hz monitor helped me greatly in terms of being able to see things quicker on the screen and being able to physically react quicker to what i am seeing.


What keyboard, mouse and headset do you use?


~Keyboard – Corsair K68

~Mouse – EC2A limited edition

~Headset – Hyper X Cloud II

~Mousepad – Steelseries QcK


If you could upgrade your gaming system right now, what would you upgrade first?


CSGO is a CPU intensive game so I would upgrade my processor first. If I upgrade my processor I will need to upgrade my motherboard too. So the motherboard and CPU would be the first things.


Any advice for other CS:GO players that might want to start competing seriously and be part of a team for next years Evetech Champions League?


Ever since Faceit got introduced into the SA scene I think it can help a lot in helping players improve by grinding through the levels of Faceit all the way up to the pro league. You will face hard opponents and you will win games and lose games but keeping a positive and open mind will help you to move forward faster.

You might not get into the pro league but you will have improved your skill level and gain a ton of experience through grinding on Faceit. What helped me substantially was watching as many of the pro games as I could and try to understand the way that they think and play the game. There are always pro game happening and being broadcasted and are available for anyone to watch. So in your free time I suggest that you watch these games. And most importantly - PRACTICE, PRACTICE, PRACTICE.


If you want to know more about Goliath Gaming check out there website and show your support for some of South Africa's best talent! 

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