Introducing: Marvo Gaming

Marvo Gaming

Marvo is a company that specializes in many different types of accessories. Some of these accessories include: Keyboards, mice, headphones, speakers, PC cases, gaming mouse pads and much much more.

The Marvo brand was released in 2010 and has steadily grown in popularity around the world with their drive to produce and give the gaming world exactly what they deserve.

Marvo strives to always offer high quality products with the best value for money on the market. After building your insane gaming rig the last thing you want to worry about is having to buy all the peripherals that need to go along with that beast.

Thats where Marvo has you covered. They understand that you want the best value for money, a product that can do everything expensive products can do, just at a much much more affordable price.

The Marvo brand aspires to reach an international audience with their excellent value for money products, allowing you to spend less for more. Affordability and excellence all in one incredible bundle will allow you to reach the next level of either competitive or casual game-play.

Here at Evetech we constantly want to bring our customers the best value for money. products that are not only affordable but reliable in day to day usage. We continue our dedication to our customers to get the best prices on the best gaming hardware at the most affordable prices.

CM370 4 in 1 gaming bundle

Some of the Marvo products coming in at Evetech are definitely worth a look. If you are looking to get yourself a brand new gaming mouse, keyboard, headset and mouse pad then the CM370 four in one combo is exactly what you need! Awesome visuals combined with some excellent performance will take your gaming to a whole new level! 

M309+G7 Gaming mouse and mouse pad

With all the Marvo Gaming products having such a unique look it can be difficult to decide which combination is the best suited for you! Maybe you're in the market for a gaming mouse and mouse pad that offer brilliant performance and a stunning visual aesthetic, well the M309 and the G7 gaming mouse and mouse pad could be the perfect match for you!

G980 Gaming mouse

A great gaming mouse can mean the difference between winning or losing an engagement, make sure you have the best weaponry when you're running head first into battle. The G980 Optical gaming mouse not only offers you extraordinary customization, peak gaming performance but it also adds some unique flare to your gaming setup.  

Experience gaming the way it was meant to be played with Marvo and their range of epic peripherals. Marvo- touch wisdom.


Check out the massive range of Marvo gaming equipment right here at Evetech! You dream it, We build it!  

Best Mouse Deals

MARVO KG953 TKL Mechanical Gaming Keyboard

R599 Inc. VAT

MARVO MG010 RGB Gaming Mousepad - XL

R149 Inc. VAT

MARVO CM310 3 IN 1 Gaming Combo White

R699 Inc. VAT

MARVO CM306 3-in-1 Gaming Starter Kit

R399 Inc. VAT

MARVO GT-60 Wireless Gamepad

R299 Inc. VAT

MARVO MPC01 Webcam

R399 Inc. VAT

MARVO G954 RGB Optical Gaming Mouse

R99 Inc. VAT

MARVO G945 Optical Gaming Mouse

R199 Inc. VAT