Logitech G502 Lightspeed Wireless

G502 Wireless

Logitech is a legendary brand name, people all over the gaming scene know the Logitech name as a pure performer. The G502 gaming mouse was probably one of the best selling gaming mice due to its incredible shape, customizability and performance. Then the outstanding G502 got an upgrade with the brand new hero sensor from Logitech. Now, ladies and gentlemen, we have the newest upgrade for the G502 gaming legend. The G502 has the light speed wireless.

G502 Lightspeed

This newest iteration of the G502 featuring the same lightspeed technology that can be found in the very popular G703 gaming mouse. The lightspeed technology allows for wireless charging and the brand new hero sensor that is coming out in the newer gaming mice for Logitech just solidifies the G502 as one of the greatest gaming mice ever! If anyone is worried about the G502 slimming down on its many programmable buttons, that isnt the case whatsoever. It still features all 11 programmable buttons on the mouse, coupled with the fact that it is now wireless with the Hero sensor. Can it get any better than this?

G502 Hero Sensor

The core of the G502 is that brilliant Hero sensor that packs a hefty 16 000 DPI. Rated for 400 IPS which basically means that your tracking will be extremely smooth and wont stutter when swiping your mouse across your mouse pad violently. Logitech is claiming that the newest iteration of the Hero sensor will give you incredible performance for 10x better power efficiency over the previous generations. To fully charge the G502 will take you more or less than 90 minutes for 0 - 100, and should last you a solid 60 hours of use (without any of the vibrant RGB lighting turned on).

G502 Wireless

The G502 is back, and its better than ever before, still featuring the infinity scroll wheel and additional weights to make the mouse feel a little more hearty. It is everything that you love and more!

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