Customer Reviews of the Gigabyte Aero 15X V8 15.6" GTX 1070 Gaming Laptop With 32GB RAM

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Tech Level:
Somewhat High
0 - 1 day

  Portable Power

Pros: - Amazing 144 hz monitor. Colour accuracy is great.
- 8th Gen CPU combined with GTX1070 GPU are the ultimate portable combination.
- Really like the build, really sturdy and well built.
Cons: - The speakers are positioned under the unit so the sound is muffled (but not an issue if you use headsets)
Other Thoughts: I have been using my new Aero 15x to pump out heavy composited renders in After Effects and it hasn't even broken a sweat yet. Even previewing on the timeline at full resolution is a breeze. I'm extremely impressed.
Tech Level:
Somewhat High
1 day - 1 week

  Best laptop money can buy!

Pros: The laptop is very strurdy and fast as hell! I like the small screen bezels and edge-to-edge keyboard. I recommend any power-hungry user to buy this laptop!
Cons: The aluminum chassis leaves fingerprints easily, but carrying a cloth with you will solve that issue. The charging brick is also a bit big and heavy.
Other Thoughts: Keep up with the good work, Gigabyte!
Tech Level:
High Tech Level
more than 1 year

  Best gaming laptop ever

Pros: - Gaming ultra book
- Pantone screen if you like to work with photoshop
- Very good cooling system
- Most 2018 latest game work like a charm
- The RGB Keybord
- 1070 MaxQ is very silent and efficiant
- 144 Mhz screen is beautiful
Cons: - I took the 512 Gb version, it's not enough, you should go fo the 1 Tb or more
- Need a little time to use the keyboard correctly
Other Thoughts: Pefect Laptop gaming, i recommend it 10/10
Tech Level:
High Tech Level
0 - 1 day


Pros: Love the build of this device. The bezelless display is gorgeous to say the least. That high refresh rate makes windows seem like a whole new experience. The power is off the charts. So far handling everything i through at it like a champ. This laptop will mostly be used for productivity but the gaming capabilities are more than welcome.
Cons: The keyboard needs alil more input than im used to. theres some light bleed at the bottom right corner but nothing crazy.
Other Thoughts: Overall very impressed with the laptop aswell as evetech. Will definitely be buying again. Keep it up guys.
Tech Level:
Somewhat High
1 week - 1 month

  Portable designer's dream monster

Pros: I have been searching for a portable design capable laptop for a good couple of months. What really blew me away and made the purchase worth it was,
1- The quality of the ips panel with the colour certification is a winner. Love this screen.
2- The keyboard, the look and feel is solid with lovely response, the lighting system is programmable to adjust when you open different programs.
3- Performance is great, it handles Photoshop and PremierPro like a champion, and allows super smooth gaming.
4- Built in SD card slot!
Cons: The webcam is in a weird position but I have no interest in using it so it's not a deal breaker.
The bag that came with the laptop doesn't have enough space for a wacom and the battery bank, the fabric feels a bit on the thin side.
Other Thoughts: I love the layout and feel of this laptop. It feels sturdy and reliable. I can depend on this laptop to produce the best results for me and my clients. I am very happy with this product and I would buy it again.