Model O madness: A Glorious production

Glorious Model O is Glorious

The time for the Model O drop is approaching at seemingly a snail's pace, but in reality, the Model O's are almost at Evetech which means... it is nearly time for you to get your hands on one.

Glorious Model O

Before the Model O's get here, I thought it would be a good idea to explain the differences between the Model O and the Model O - (minus). The most apparent difference between the two Model O's is the weight and size. The matte versions of the Model O weight in at 67grams and the glossy version comes in at 68grams. For the Model O - the matte versions are 58grams, and the glossy models are 59grams. When it comes to the dimensions of the mouse (you can see the image below for the exact location of the aspects).
For the Model O the front of the mouse measures in at 61mm whereas the Model O - is 58mm. The middle section is 59mm for the Model O, 58mm for the Model O -. The rear of the Model O is 66mm and the Model O - is 63. From the tips of mouse buttons, one and two, the back of the mouse is 128mm for the Model O and 120mm for the Model O -.

                                                                   Glorious Model O

Model O dimensions


                                                                         Glorious Model O -

Model O - Dimensions                                                                    

Now, the measurements might not seem all that drastic, but once the mouse is in your hand, you will be able to feel a significant difference. The biggest difference that a person will experience is the length of the mouse. Eight millimetres is quite a noticeable change when you are holding the mouse. This merely means that Glorious is trying to cater for people that have a smaller hand size, as well as for the types of people that have a unique grip style and prefer aiming with a more modest, lighter mouse. Does this mean if you have smaller hands that you should get the Model O -? Not necessarily, no. This is where the length of the mouse is essential. For people with a palm grip, you need your mouse to be a little longer. For fingertip and claw/hybrid grip types, a smaller mouse is generally better for aim and comfort. When it comes to buying a gaming mouse, it all comes down to personal preference, unfortunately. Sometimes it would just be easier for someone to tell you, "yes, that is a fantastic mouse, and you shouldn't consider buying anything else!" The only thing that I can say right now, about the Model O's is, yes. That is a fantastic mouse, and if you do consider buying one of them, it could make a massive difference to your gaming performance as well as your personal comfort. It is astonishingly light, built with absolute care and passion and has been very well thought out in terms of design, shape, and ergonomics.

Model O comparisson

Glorious Model O product Image

Glorious Model O product Image

Glorious Model O Product Image

Glorious Model O at Evetech

Questions that I have seen popping up everywhere is, "are the Model O's gimmicky, or is this a legit product?" It is one thing getting a response from someone vouching for a product that you have never touched before, but its another thing to see the reaction of creditable reviewers raving about this product. If you are interested in seeing what the likes of RocketJumpNinja, BadSeedTech and HardwareCanucks have to say about the Model O, I will leave a link down below to their channels and more specifically to the Model O videos.

                                                         RocketJumpNinja Model O review

                                                         HardwareCanucks Model O Review

                                                         BadSeed Tech Model O Review

Simply put, I think the Model O's are a fantastic product coming from a company that has taken the time and effort to understand precisely what gamers want out of their gaming mouse.

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