New CS:GO Features

CS:GO New Features

Valve has been releasing little updates to CS:GO for quite sometime now, whether it be balances, bug fixes, mao fixes etc. they have been releasing these little updates for what seems like forever. But, it seems that there has been a major update that has been released to the good ‘ol CS:GO.
The update is called “Scouting Ahead” and it introduces three new features to CS:GO. These three new features could be seen as a little long overdue but hey, it's better late than never right? But even though we as the community might feel that it is a little late, it is amazing to see that there is still thought and effort going into the game that so many people love!

So the three features that have been added are as follows:

    1. Looking to play - This feature is if you are looking for a couple of people to fill your lobby for matchmaking, instead of having to join random groups that are searching and hope that they don't kick you, all you have to do is click the “looking to play” button and you will be added to a list of players who are ready and waiting to team up together. If you are looking for a fifth player to complete your four stack, just squizz through the list of players and pick your champion. As easy as that!
    2. Follow your favourites - The second feature is all about events and tournaments and more specifically the ones that you enjoy the most. You can now track your favourite tournaments right from your “watch” screen. When you click on the “watch” tab a panel that states “events” and you will see a list of current events or future events that you can then add to your favourites. You will be notified via the home screen whenever those events go live! If you are not sure what to watch, don't worry. All players will receive a notification of the most-favorited events each month!

      Csgo Dev Tweet

    3. Track from a distance - The latest technology has hit the Danger Zone. you can now take control of a nearby drone once you have the Drone Pilot upgrade and use that to survey the area and secretly hunt your targets without them ever realising! Scout for resources across the map and for some potential weapon upgrades or you can even carry items across the map!



With everything being mentioned the new features that have been added are good for CS:GO, a few quality of life changes can go a long way with the community as a whole!

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