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NVIDIA GeForce G-SYNC Gaming Laptops

NVIDIA GeForce G-SYNC Gaming Laptops

Nvidia G-Sync Technology set out to destroy most gaming issues involving lag and stuttering during gaming, ensuring that you will get the smoothest gaming experience never before been possible. This is done by synchronizing your screen refresh rates to that of your Nvidia GeForce GPU. The resulting factor means that scenes are rendered instantly, your view is a lot sharper and game play is buttery smooth!

G-Sync Enabled gaming laptops are packed with variable refresh rate monitors which are designed to reduce tearing, stuttering and input lag along with other problems. There are also some new features coming through like windowed mode for border-less gaming as well as having the ability to set custom refresh rates.

Evetech is offering a Wide variety of Nvidia G-Sycn enabled gaming laptops at the best prices available in South Africa, with a variety of different setups, configurations as well as price points giving you the best laptop deal suitable to your budget.

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NVIDIA GeForce G-SYNC Gaming Laptops