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Overwatch on Nintendo

The Nintendo Switch was a hot prospect when it was first released to the world, but since some of the AAA developers started making some of their latest titles compatible for the Switch, it is an extremely viable purchase now more than ever. The console is even getting the highly praised Witcher 3 sometime in October. However, if games like the Witcher 3 arent really your cup of tea, you might be really excited to hear that the Switch will be getting Blizzards top-rated First Person Shooter game "Overwatch".


The news of Overwatch coming to the Switch was revealed during Nintendo's latest Direct presentation. Overwatch will obviously have to go through some graphical downgrades to run smoothly on the Switch, nobody wants to have terrible FPS when playing a competitive shooter, but it was said that the core Overwatch gameplay will not see any significant changes. The graphical changes that you might notice are muckier textures, a reduction in antialiasing - this will result in a few jagged edges- and a massive decrease in shadow quality. However, with the art style that Overwatch is renowned for, these changes aren't significantly noticeable. If they are going to be noticeable at all.

In terms of game updates and hero releases, the Switch players will have access to all the latest updates as well as all the heroes in the game, including newly released heroes (even Hammond, the cute little hamster in a giant mechanical ball will be available to play). You can also expect to see all the maps and game modes that all PC players, PS4 players, and Xbox players have been enjoying for quite some time. The only significant change that is going to be coming to the Switch for Overwatch is the implementation of Gyro controls. You can activate the Gyro controls by tilting the Switch to line up that perfect shot with Widow, or pilot D.Va when you're using her boosters, or do a quick turn with Genji to deflect incoming projectiles from behind you.

Overwatch on Nintendo

In terms of release date, you can expect to get your hands on the port on the 15th of October, which ironically is the same day as the Witcher 3 release date on the Switch. Once the game is available to purchase for the Nintendo Switch, you can get the pre-order bundle that comes with 15 character skins, and three months worth of Nintendo Switch Online membership.

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