Power supplies: Non-Modular, Semi and Fully Modular

Modular PSUs

There are a few different types of power supply units available on the market, namely; Modular, semi-modular and non-modular. It can be a little confusing as to what this means so hopefully this will give you a better understanding on the three different types of power supplies that you can find when searching for a new PSU.

Non-Modular PSU


A non-modular PSU comes with all the cables that you will need for your build already installed and attached to the power supply. There are their advantages and disadvantages to having a non modular power supply. On the plus side you will never have to worry about missing a cable as they all come pre installed already!

The downside is that the cables that are attached to the PSU are very hard to maintain especially for cable - management. Trying to find a place to fit all the cables without interfering with the overall aesthetic of your build can be quite a difficult task to handle. When it comes to bad cable - management it could mean the difference between good and terrible airflow. With bad airflow you can run the risk of your system overheating.

Semi-Modular PSU


When it comes to a Semi-Modular PSU only the most essential cables needed for your PC are pre-installed onto the power supply. This ensures that there is much less clutter in terms of wiring making cable management much easier as well as being slightly cheaper than that of a fully modular PSU.

The essential cables that come pre-attached are as follows:

  • A 24 pin ATX
  • A single PCIe
  • 8 pin CPU

Fully Modular PSU

Fully Modular

Finally, the fully modular PSU. As you might have guessed by now the fully modular piece comes with no pre-attached cables, allowing you to install only the cables that you really need. This opens up a whole new window for cable management. Keeping your system clutter free allowing for maximum airflow inside of your gaming case. More airflow means cooler components which in turn means better performance out of your PC!

Yes, the fully modular PSUs are slightly more expensive than that of the semi-modular units but the added benefits could be worth it if that's what you are looking for in your PC build.

If you are looking for a brand new Power Supply to power up your gaming monster, come take a look at the Evetech website at all the available PSUs on the market! I guarantee that you will find the perfect fit for you!

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