Razer DeathAdder Elite: If only it was wireless

Razer DeathAdder Wireless

By now most of the gaming community will know exactly who Razer is. One quick look at the three-headed snake logo and instantly it's recognizable as Razer’s trademark. More specifically, one of Razer’s best-selling mice, in fact, one of the world’s bestselling mice, the Razer DeathAdder Elite. A mouse that has appeared in 25 different variants since its release in 2006 and has continuously increased in both popularity as well as performance.


Let’s take a look at the overall design of the DeathAdder and see why so many people around the world love the mouse so much. First, let’s take a look at the ergonomic shape that the DeathAdder struts. It is a very safe shape, and by safe, I mean that it fits most hand sizes and grip styles. It is an extremely comfortable mouse that caters to all kinds of gamers, MOBA or FPS. The left and right clicks on the mouse are crisp and rewarding whether you’re spraying down your targets or clicking to move your character around, you have satisfying feedback from the very first click. When it comes to the side buttons there are two elements that stand out immediately, the first being the size of the two side buttons (mouse 4 and mouse 5). Their large size allows for a user to find them instantly when swiping the mouse left and right, but aren’t large enough to get in the way of your grip. The other factor is the travel distance and feel of the *click*. It doesn’t come across as being mushy with an unpleasant travel distance, instead of giving you that instant gratification when clicking in either mouse 4 or 5. Moving a little lower on the mouse, the side grips are rubber with a slight texture allowing for better grip over long periods of time. It also helps in a climate like sunny South Africa when you have extremely hot days where your hand could get a little sweaty gripping onto the mouse. Finally, the hump towards the back of the Razer DeathAdder elite is not as accentuated as the one that can be found on the Logitech G403/703, but it is enough to fill your palm in a palm grip style or press against the base of your palm in a claw grip.

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Taking a closer look at the internals of the mouse, the Optical sensor giving you that precise tracking is Razer’s very own 5G sensor. At one point it was the greatest optical gaming sensor that you could buy on the market. Still to this day, it is widely regarded as one of the top optical sensors that you can find in a gaming mouse. The switches used for both mouse one and mouse two are Razer Mechanical Mouse switches, they are engineered to give you an unfair advantage in-game. They were co-designed and produced by Omron, who make the majority of high-end mechanical mouse switches. The combination of all the above-mentioned features make the Razer DeathAdder Elite a pinnacle gaming mouse and has made its mark in the esports world.


Another aspect of Razer product is the fact that they always have some of the most incredible RGB lighting, although it is not for everyone, the Razer DeathAdder elite does a good job of keeping the RGB simple and discrete. The scroll wheel and the logo on the back of the mouse are the only places that RGB can be found.

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Looking at all the features, the fact that it is a tried and tested esports mouse, a casual gamers’ dream or a must-have mouse in an enthusiast’s collection. What could make the DeathAdder Elite an even better competitor in today's growing market? Something that Logitech has always excelled at is wireless competitive mice. Yes, Razer has the Hyperflux, the Razer Mamba wireless, but a veteran like the DeathAdder in a wireless variant with the Viper Ultimate Focus+ Optical sensor. Plus the optomechanical switches for mouse one and mouse two and the charging dock. Now that would be an incredible gaming mouse. It would not only revitalise the DeathAdder in the gaming scene but it would make an already perfect mouse, so much better. Giving people the option to use their favourite mouse without the restraints of a cord dragging on their mouse pad, snagging on their keyboard is a refreshing thought.


Now, this is all just speculation and opinion-based. This is not even a rumour being leaked, it is purely a peripheral enthusiast dream to have the DeathAdder “Ultimate” as an example. As of the release of this blog article, the new Basilisk Ultimate has been announced. Does this mean that Razer is making changes to their line of gaming products? If anything, this is a breath of fresh air from Razer, bringing in upgraded versions of their already incredible products.

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What do you think about making the DeathAdder Elite into a wireless variant? Would this be viable in the ever-changing peripheral market?

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