Razer Viper: A strikingly good mouse

Razer Viper

Razer has replied in a significant way, to the extremely light-weight, performance-oriented gaming mice that have flooded the market in recent history. It is no secret that the gaming mice market has moved to an ultra-lightweight design focussing on performance, ergonomics, weight, and size. A light-weight performance monster is what Razer has achieved with its brand new Razer Viper gaming mouse. 

If you asked me for my personal opinion on the Viper gaming mouse, I would have to bite my tongue a little and say the Viper might be one of the best esports gaming mice on the market right now. That's not just from a raw performance perspective either. Looking at the mouse, everything from the weight to the sensor, the size, the shape, and the buttons on the mouse. Razer has always been one to make a spectacle of their products, but this - the Viper, is quite amazing. 


Razer Viper



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Now then, why is it so amazing?

There is the Model O, the Logitech G Pro and G Pro Wireless; even the new CoolerMaster MM710 is some serious competition for the Viper. Where it stands out from the crowd is the way it takes all the elements that the other mice can provide for you, and makes it better. It is designed entirely to be an esports mouse, meant to boost performance in high-intensity games like CS:GO and Overwatch. Two games that require quick, precise, and consistent movement across your mousepad. This is something that the Viper can handle with ease. 

Razer Viper Mouse

Venomous Design 

Looking at the overall design of the Viper right off the bat, you can see some design differences between the Viper and other competitive light-weight gaming mice that have come out recently. The most noticeable feature would be the fact that there are no hexagonal holes on the frame of the mouse. The Viper has a solid shell but still maintains a weight of 69g. The Viper is an ambidextrous shape making it suitable for left and right-hand users - something that Razer has always been considerate about, bringing out the world-renowned Deathadder in a left-handed version. It's incredible to think that Razer has crafted a hyper-performing esports gaming mouse that pretty much any person can use regardless of being left or right-handed.

There might be some thought around how Razer managed to make a solid shell this light. Don't let doubt shroud your mind, though, because the build quality is exceptional. When it comes to the actual dimensions of the mouse, it measures in at 126.7mm L x 66.2mm W x 37.8mm H. It is a medium-sized mouse, it would suit medium to large hands if you either claw or fingertip grip the mouse, but it would be possible to palm grip the mouse if you had smaller hands. The Viper also features the Razer Speedflex Cable - A light-weight braided cable that has a smooth texture preventing any snags while you're playing. For those that use a low DPI, making large, sweeping movements with this mouse will feel right at home. 

Razer Viper Esports Mouse

Esports grade performance

Now for the performance of the Viper. Both mouse one and mouse two buttons have Razer's very own optomechanical switches. These are the same switches that found in the epic Razer Huntsman and Huntsman Elite keyboards. The optical mouse switch is promising a response time of 0.2 milliseconds; this would result in industry-leading response time for gaming mice. This almost instant response time eliminates debounce and those pesky unintentional mouse clicks.

Furthermore, there's the 5G sensor. One of the world’s most advanced optical sensors engineered to have the most precise tracking accuracy. With a DPI of up to 16 000, the 5G sensor offers you deadly precision. The DPI toggle switch on the belly of the mouse allows for no accidental clicks when gaming. When you are in an intense clutch situation, the last thing that you want to do is bump that DPI button. 

Razer Viper RGB

Over the top RGB? 

In terms of RGB, there is not much on the mouse. Which, coming from Razer, might shock a few people. Razer is known for its beautiful RGB radiance, I mean take a look at the Mamba Elite, but the Viper's sole purpose is to give you the competitive edge over your opponents. That is precisely what the Viper does.  The only lighting on the Viper is the illuminated logo on the rear side of the mouse. When the RGB is turned off, the logo disappears completely — giving off that stealth black look. Gorgeous. 

Razer Viper Verdict

My final verdict

So taking a look at everything the Razer Viper has to offer, it is as clear as day that the Viper is an esports driven piece of equipment. The Viper strives to bring out your inner professional gamer. That doesn't mean that enthusiasts or casual players cannot enjoy this mouse. It is also not purely designed for FPS gamers. With the optomechanical mouse buttons, super responsive and smooth clicks make MOBA games a dream to play. I feel that it is safe to say that Razer has changed the game with its new Viper performance gaming mouse. 


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Razer Viper


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