Razer Viper Ultimate: Not All Wireless Mice Are Made Equal

Razer Viper Ultimate Wireless Gaming Mouse

The Razer Viper Ultimate. Now I didn’t see that one coming. Razer has stepped up their mouse game to a whole new level recently by releasing the Razer Viper. A lightweight, esports ready mouse designed for the most competitive players in mind. They surprised many reviewers and mouse enthusiasts with its brilliant ergonomic shape, crisp mouse 1 and 2 buttons and the grips on each side of the mouse built into the shell, just to help prevent the grips from peeling off. Although the thought had crossed my mind once or twice; “imagine if Razer made a wireless version of the Viper… I’d buy that!”

Well, here it is, the Razer Viper Ultimate. Something I never thought would happen this soon.

Razer Ultimate Performance

There have been a few exceptional changes to the wireless version of the Viper: Firstly, the sensor has been upgraded. Yes, Razer has upgraded the already outperforming monster the 5G sensor and has created the Razer Focus+ Optical Sensor (which, quite frankly, blows every other sensor out the water right now). The Focus+ now has an industry-leading DPI range of 20 000, which you will never need, but as far as measuring shoe size is concerned, Razer wins. A 99.6% resolution accuracy which means that it will accurately track even the slightest movements that you make. This will give you the best micro-tracking when playing a competitive First-Person Shooter.

Razer Ultimate Charging Dock

Razer Viper Ultimate Chroma Dock

Now I could go on and on about how incredible the sensor is, and how the smart tracking, asymmetric cut-off and motion sync will literally change your game, or how they are still using the optomechanical switches (similar to the ones used on their Huntsman keyboards). Making the dreaded double-clicking horror story a thing of the past. However, one of the coolest aspects of the Razer Ultimate is the fact that you can purchase one with a charging dock. You can add more character to your battle station with an incredible charging dock that comes with its very own chroma. When it comes to the battery life, weight, and performance of the mouse feet, Razer has outdone themselves yet again. Weighing in at only 5 grams heavier than its wired older brother, that is quite an accomplishment. Razer has also made a bold statement in saying that the Ultimate will have a minimum of 70 hours of game time while running at peak efficiency, and for every 5 minutes charged will give you 10 hours of gameplay. I mean – wow. Now the mouse feet. There were a few complaints about the mouse feet on the wired version of the Viper, so Razer has obviously been listening to the feedback from their fans and has replaced the old mouse feet with 100% PTFE mouse feet, allowing the mouse to accurately and effortlessly glide across the mouse pad.

Razer Ultimate at a glance

At a glance of the mouse, Razer is stepping up the wireless competitive mouse game to an epic level. Setting the bar for all other competitive brands out there to respond with something better. Is it possible though? I think it is fair to assume that the Razer Viper Ultimate has taken the throne for the lightest, fastest, wireless gaming mouse on the market right now.


Let us know what you think of the brand new Razer Viper Ultimate, do you think that this could be your potential new competitive gaming mouse?


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