Ryzen 5: The Best Budget Gaming CPU

AMD Ryzen 5

AMD and Intel have been in a consistent war for the title of the best CPU on the market. In their own right both brands have excellent traits and all it basically comes down to is personal preference and budget. What kind of system are you wanting to run and how much do you want to spend on that system. It seems that AMD has always been one step ahead of Intel in terms of pricing. Being the more budget friendly option in most cases. Arguably Intel has always had the upper hand when it comes to gaming performance, but depending on what type of system you are trying to put together, the Ryzen 5 CPU might just be the greatest budget gaming CPU on the market.

AMD completely disrupted the CPU market with the release of their second Gen Ryzen 5 CPUs. Using the Zen+ architecture ensuring that the user gets the best experience at the most affordable rate. People ask whether or not the Ryzen 5 is an appropriate choice for gaming, well, the Ryzen 5 CPUs can leverage the enhanced clock speeds and deliver a crisp gaming experience with consistently high frame rates. Use high refresh rate monitors with no problem in game, with smooth gameplay powered by Ryzen 5 chips you will roll over your enemies with ease.

AMD Ryzen gaming

Gaming is not the only thing that this chip can do well. It is common knowledge that Ryzen CPUs are excellent work horses, handling heavy work loads and squashing multitasking applications like a sunday afternoon nap. AMD believes that you should be able to engage in every computing task whether it be gaming, working, streaming or rendering with brute power. The Ryzen 5 can do all of that consistently and more.

If you are the type of person that is looking to build a system that can do a little bit of everything extremely well, a jack of all trades and a master at every single one of them, then the Ryzen 5 CPU should be the very start of your adventure. WIth an incredibly competitive price point and amazing features and brilliant specs, it is difficult to say not to the superb CPU that can be claimed as one of the best budget gaming CPUs on the market.

AMD Ryzen AM4

Ryzen processors are using the SenseMI Technology that offerers the following features:

  • Pure Power - Smart energy monitoring along the progressive 14nm FinFET architecture.
  • Precision Boost - Adjust the clock speeds to accelerate applications and games that you utilise the most.
  • Smart Prefetech - Predicts complex data that's needed for the applications that you are utilizing.
  • Neural Net Prediction - True machine intelligence that accurately anticipates the performance needs of the applications that are running on your machine.
  • Extended Frequency Range - Using a combination of temperature and power sensors the Ryzen CPUs can overclock themselves to generate even more performance in your PC.
  • AM4 Socket - The second generation of AMD CPUs require the new AM$ sockets, you can choose from a variety of chipsets, including the AMD X470, B350 and A320.


Make sure that you get the superior performance, both gamers and creators can take advantage of the Ryzen 5 beast.

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