Ryzen 7 2700X: Intels Toughest Opponent

Ryzen Is Here

The Ryzen processors from AMD have made a massive impact on the CPU market, while the first Gen processors making the initial critical damage, the second Gen chips have officially solidified AMD with a spot with the top dogs at the gaming table.

When the first Gen chips hit the market it took the gaming world by storm with their incredible innovation. This major leap from AMD made intel have to take a step back and notice that AMD is a real competitor. Although they were not able to squeeze themselves past Intel and knock them off that podium, Intel had to definitely take note of the progress that AMD had made. In some ways the first Gen chips can be seen as just the start for a very bright future. The second Gen CPUs from AMD are reference showing people just how much they have been able to grow the Zen architecture. Even with the release of Intels 9900K, AMD’s 2700X is still able to hang with the big brute and even undercuts the i9 when it comes to price but still maintains a similar spec sheet.

Ryzen 7 CPU

The Ryzen 7 2700X has the same 3.7GHz base clock speed as the previous top Ryzen processor (The 1800X) but instead offers a 4.3GHz maximum boost speed. That is the maximum clock speed that you can achieve when only one core is active, down the same line that Intel measure their processors. But, the biggest difference comes in when all eight cores are under stress it can reach speeds that the 1800X could never even dream of reaching! This is all made possible with AMD improving their Precision boost and XFR features of the well renowned SenseMI technology.

For the people that are looking to upgrade their CPU to this outstanding 2700X but are worried about compatibility with their motherboards. AMD has assured their fans that the 2700X is completely compatible with all 300 series motherboards, even though it launched with the all new X470 chipsets.

When it comes to the likes of the 8700K or even the 9900K these ultimate gaming CPUs have some serious competition with the more affordable 2700X with similar performance stats. Where the 2700X gets the leg up over its rivals is the fact that it can handle multi core usage more effectively. Throw some heavy work loads at the 2700X and it will outperform anything in is class.

AMD Cooler

Another advantage that the 2700X has over its competition is the cooler that comes standard with the CPU. It is actually an excellent cooler, providing the necessary cooling that this Super-Man of a CPU needs to perform optimally over extremely long periods of time. Saving you money on both the CPU and on an aftermarket cooler for the 2700X.

The future for AMD Gaming fans looks extremely bright. With AMD finally being able to combat Intel at every turn. Providing a CPU that is fantastic at every aspect of your computing needs. An all round perfect CPU for gaming, work, rendering, editing and so much more. Will the Red team finally take the lead in the race, all we know as that the future certainly looks exciting!

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