Stadia: A big reveal coming this week

Stadia a big reveal

Earlier this year in March Google’s Stadia was announced. A streaming service that will be capable of streaming 4K 60fps gameplay on pretty much any platform that can take a Google Chrome Browser. All the performance heavy lifting will be handled by remote servers which means that the need for premium spec gaming hardware will be a thing of the past. With that being said, you are going to need some seriously fast internet in order to make sure your gameplay is as smooth as butter.

Many if us thought that Google would go into more details about Stadia and their plans at E3, which is just a couple days away now, but instead they have decided that they don't want to wait that long and have made a decision to announce Stadia on the 6th of June at approximately 4:00pm CAT. There aren’t many details for us to go on but it is said that the event on the 6th will cover all the launch details, game announcements and the price (which might be what most people are interested in right now).

Stadia Tweet

                                                                                              Click on the image to view the original tweet and video. 

Even if you are skeptical about this whole Stadia thing I believe that it will definitely be worth a look at especially because Google has the financial backing to support this idea and could make it an incredible reality for gamers and people all around the world in general. It comes down to the mere fact of whether or not the streaming service will be stable even if you don’t have incredible internet. Google has already been able to snag games like Doom and Assassins Creed Odyssey as some of the launch games. There are still a lot of questions and many of them unanswered but there are not many companies that could pull something like this off, it would be Google.

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