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Originating as a clan on Battle.net, Team Liquid was founded with the sole intent of dominating professional gaming. A feat they have managed to achieve, spanning multiple games!

Team Liquid is well known in games like Dota 2, Counter Strike, StarCraft II, Overwatch, Hearthstone, Smash, Heroes of the Storm, Brood War, and Rocket League. Their list of achievements is equally impressive as the massive list of games it dominates! Show your support for this marvelous eSports organization by choosing from a broad range of official merchandise.

The official Team Liquid jersey is so much more than stitched cloth, colors, and logos. It is a way of life. The living proof of an idea taken to fruition. A constant reminder of what excellence feels like. It is THE life – embodying success, determination, and resilience.

Grab licensed Team Liquid merchandise from the eveSports store today and loudly announce your intent to dominate – while also supporting your favorite team and emulating your favorite players! Draw envious glances and curious looks as you wear the famous Team Liquid logo proudly.

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