The Alienware 34" masterpiece

Alienware 34" Masterpiece

Alienware is well known for creating products that take the aesthetic appeal to a whole new level. Creating products that are gorgeous to look at, and even better to use. With designs that are never too over the top but fit the gamer aesthetic perfectly without coming across as too garish. There is a certain “maturity” that the Alienware products give off. With sharp, visually pleasing angles, long smooth curves, and edges there is no doubt that this a gaming panel, but it adds a sense of professionalism to it. 

The rear Alienware


The 34” monitor shares very similar design features as its little brother the 25” monitor such as the overall metallic colour, the LED lighting strips on the rear of the monitor and the extremely sturdy monitor stand. The 34” still sports the breathtakingly thin bezels that will give you a much more immersive feel when you are sat in front of this gorgeous panel but unlike the 25”, the bigger brother has a curved screen. You need to keep in mind that this monitor is massive. It will take up an extensive portion of your desk space, but when you are sitting in front of this 34” curved display, the world around you will fall away as you enter the gaming world fully immersed. 

Front Alienware

In terms of branding, there is a thin alluring piece of text saying “Alienware” keep the front of the screen uncluttered so you can keep that immersive feeling in game. The back of the monitor is a sleek silver with an illuminated Alien head at the top righthand corner of the monitor. As well as the illuminated Alien head, there are three LED strips that seem perfectly symmetrical to the rest of the monitor. It screams ‘design perfection’. If you are not a fan of the LED lighting on the back, you are able to turn the RGB lighting off. 

On the bottom right-hand side of the screen are the buttons used to navigate through the onscreen menu, along with the power button which is lit up and can also be changed to whatever colour will suit you best. 

Top View Monitor


When it comes to the overall look of the monitor the first thing that you will notice is the massive size, but putting the size aside, the simple and professional aesthetics of the monitor, for lack of a better word, is incredible. The thin bezels make for some of the most immersive gameplay and combined with the 1900R curved screen, you will feel like you’re in the middle of the action all the time. 

There are a few things that you will notice when you first launch a game on the stunning Alienware AW3418DW, besides the fact that the curved screen will make you feel immersion like nothing else ever has. You will immediately notice how smooth the gameplay is, and this is all thanks to the 100Hz Refresh rate and G-Sync technology that comes with the 34” Alienware. The G-Sync technology offers unbelievably smooth gameplay so you can keep that high refresh rate without experiencing any screen tearing. It is possible to overclock this monitor to 120Hz if you want that little bit of an extra competitive edge. 


                                                                  Image courtesy of Elite Exposure (

This 21:9 3440X1440p monitor is seriously a game changer. With the ability to completely immerse you into every single game that you launch, as well as having enough performance to push out a 100Hz refresh rate and a 4 ms response time on such a large, gorgeous IPS panel. With G-Sync support allowing you to game without screen tearing is just the cherry on top. But putting the performance aspects aside. There is also the aesthetics of the monitor. Without a doubt, one of the best looking monitors out on the market. It is clear to most people that it is a gaming monitor, but it is extremely professional and well crafted. 

If you are looking for an Ultrawide competitive gaming monitor, then the Alienware AW3418DW is the monitor for you. You will not be disappointed.

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