The AOC Agon curved gaming monitor

AOC Agon

When you are trying to find an amazing gaming panel, with a high refresh rate, a gorgeous display, a low response time, a relatively low price… The list could go on and on. Trying to find a gaming monitor that has all these features as well as remaining affordable, can seem like quite the daunting challenge to achieve. There might just be a gaming monitor to achieve all of this, The AOC Agon AG322QCX 32 inch curved gaming monitor. 

AOC Agon View


The AOC is a 31.5”, 1440p curved display with a 144Hz refresh rate. The monitor uses MVA technology which is a brilliant mix of contrast, colour output, and incredible viewing angles. To top it all off the AOC has FreeSync technology that would go great with those brand new GPUs from AMD. The curve on the AOC gaming monitor (1800R) works exceptionally well, complementing the size of the monitor perfectly. The subtle curve in the screen allows for fantastic immersion, allowing you to soak up all the amazing colours that the monitor has to offer. 

AOC backside

When it comes to the overall design of the AOC Agon monitor it has a magnificent build quality and understated looks that ensure that the flair of the monitor is subtle but still gamer oriented. The curved display comes with extraordinary thin bezels on the sides and the top of the monitor, and at the bottom of the monitor are some LED lighting strips. The lighting can be customized with three different colours, red, green, and blue. The rear of the monitor has a wing-like design with an additional four LED strips. 

AOC Agon Headset stand

As mentioned earlier, the overall build quality is really good and thought out. The base of the monitor is sturdy and not intrusive like other large gaming monitors. There is a flip-out headset stand on the right side of the monitor that can come in handy if you do not own a headset stand. In terms of cable management, you can route all your cables through an opening in the monitor stand. 

AOC Connecivity

When it comes to connectivity, the AOC Agon has it all. At the back are two HDMI ports, two DisplayPort connections (required for both FreeSync and 144Hz refresh), a VGA port, as well as 3.5mm mic and audio hookups. There are also some built-in speakers that you can utilize, and the audio quality from the internal speakers are decent. In order to get through the on-screen display menu, in the center of the bottom bezel of the monitor is a JOG button that will give you quick access to the onboard settings. The settings that are offered are similar to the ones you would find on any gaming panel, the JOP joystick is easy to use and is also lit up with an LED giving it that little more gaming flair. If you do not want to use the options menu, AOC offers a remote that connects to the monitor and sits on your desk making navigate the on-board settings much easier. 


If you are looking for a large curved monitor, you cannot go wrong with the AOC Agon. With beautiful viewing angels and outstanding colours it would be insane to dislike this gaming monitor. With a big screen, excellent balance of resolution and performance, offering FreeSync at a 144Hz refresh rate. Do not miss your chance to get your hands on one of the best 32” gaming monitors. 

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