The Battle of the Ultra-Lights

Ultra-Lightweight mice

If you take a look at the current trend in gaming mice you will see a specific “requirement” for gaming mice, ultra-lightweight. This is by no means a bad requirement to have, especially when it comes to the competitive gaming scene. Specifically, when it comes to First Person Shooters such as CS: GO, Rainbow Six Siege, Overwatch, Call of Duty. Having a light mouse in an FPS game gives you more control over your mouse. Allowing you the freedom of movement across your mouse pad to hit those epically fast flick shots, or track your opponents without your arm getting tired from the weight of the mouse. Can this lightweight mouse trend benefit every type of gamer? Or is this a specific niche?

Final Mouse Air 58

Companies such as Finalmouse were one of the first to start the lightweight competitive gaming mouse trends, and people responded to their innovation and styling. Yes, there were a few mishaps here and there when it came to build quality but at the end of the day, they had achieved something quite remarkable. There have been other lightweight champions over the years, the G Pro Wireless is still one of the best lightweight contenders. The company, Glorious, came to the party and released their Model O, an ambidextrous, lightweight, gaming mouse that absolutely dominated the market. Facing up against the big hitters like Finalmouse and the Logitech G Pro Wireless, The Glorious Model O is a cheaper, lighter and more competitive option.

Coolermaster MM710

The beauty of this industry, besides the products, is the competitiveness when it comes to an innovative product. Once one company has released their rendition of the lightweight contender, other companies follow suit. This is fantastic for us, the consumers, as the more competition there is in the market the more variety, we have access to as well as varying competitive prices. Companies like Cooler Master with their MM710 or Razer with their extraordinary Viper. Razer recently announced the Razer Viper Ultimate, which is a wireless version of the extremely popular Viper. Most companies create their designs with either a circular or honeycomb-style cut out in the shell which drastically reduces the weight of the mouse. But Razer managed to make an extremely lightweight mouse with a solid shell.

Now in terms of, “does this benefit every type of gamer?” Well, in most instances yes. If you are just a casual PC gamer, you enjoy playing story-driven games and the occasional online competitive game. Compared to your old Microsoft Ball Mice these lightweight exotics will feel like you have upgraded from a VW beetle to the new McLaren. Offering you more in terms of performance, comfort, versatility… the list could go on. For MOBA gamers who need a ton of extra buttons, this could be a slight disadvantage as you have two thumb buttons on the one side. In the case regarding the Viper, you have side buttons on the left and on the right-hand side of the mouse. If, however, you aren't the kind of gamer that uses additional mouse buttons in your MOBA game then you could definitely take advantage of the lightweight and super crisp clicks on the mouse. Never worry about miss clicks or double-clicking issues when you’re in the heat of battle. Looking at all the facts these could be mice that are suitable for all gamers, depending on personal preference of course. Now, grip styles and hand sizes will play a larger part in whether or not the mouse will work for you. In 90% of cases, the mouse will fit your grip style and hand size. The ambidextrous shape makes it a very safe, comfortable shape for most gamers.

Glorious Model O

Are there any negative aspects of these lightweight gaming mice? Well, not as many as I originally thought there would be. Of course, there are issues of being able to budget for a mouse like this. Glorious does a great job of making a lightweight gaming mouse at an extremely competitive price. This brand, Glorious, proves to us that not all quality products need to carry a heavy price tag.

Another question that frequently comes up is; Do these mice render other, heavier mice unusable? For example, the Logitech G403/703, SteelSeries 600/650, and the Razer DeathAdder Elite? For the most simplified answer, absolutely NOT. These mice are still highly competitive, extraordinary gaming mice that offer you something a little bit different. Ergonomic shapes, wired and wireless versions in the Logitech and SteelSeries models (although if you ask me personally, a wireless DeathAdder Elite featuring the same sensor as the Viper Ultimate. Wow, that would be one incredible gaming mouse – stay tuned for a more in-depth opinion). These mice have been tried and tested for many years and still prove to be fearless competition, it all comes down to personal preference.

It is amazing to see the direction the competitive gaming mouse market is heading. The innovation and creativity that companies are bringing to the table is incredible. It gives us, the consumers, a variety to choose from. Will you like a lightweight gaming mouse? Taking the whole preference argument out of the equation, you will more than likely fall in love with one of the lightweight giants.


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Here is a list of the available mice mentioned in the above post:


Glorious Model O

Razer Viper

SteelSeries Rival 600

SteelSeries Rival 650

Razer DeathAdder Elite

Logitech G403

Logitech G703


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